PBNM.org Restaurant Guidelines

Americans LOVE to go out to eat. It’s a chance to enjoy tasty food without having to worry about food prep and cleanup, to spend relaxing time with family and friends in a vibrant or relaxing atmosphere, and even to just get out of the house. However, the challenge for those with “dietary preferences” is to find restaurants that can accommodate those preferences! That is why we’re asking for your help!

At the Plant Based Nutrition Movement, we partner only with restaurants that have shown commitment to including healthy, whole food plant based menu options without added oil or refined sugars/carbohydrates. Here on PBNM.org, our goal is to make it easy for followers of a whole food plant based diet to find a place that will support this healthy way of eating.

We want to build a collection of restaurants in the Greater Chicagoland Area who:

  • Offer dishes prepared from whole, plant based foods

  • Offer no-oil dishes

  • May or may not have those items on their regular menu, but, if they don’t, make it very clear they offer those foods

  • Are flexible enough that if a guest requests a plant based dish with no oil, they will accommodate

  • No limit, large or small, family owned or not. It’s about the food!

So here’s where you can help. If you’ve found a great restaurant which meets the above criteria, complete the form below. TELL US the name and locations of your favorite restaurants that serve whole plant based dishes WITHOUT the oil.** We want to spread the news!!! The more information you provide the better! Please note that Chicagoland his a huge geographic area, and we don’t want to exclude any good qualifying restaurant, But we also want to be sure we include the restaurant you are referring to. So to say something like “Plant Eatery” is not helpful unless you include an address or city location. And we’d appreciate whatever additional comments you might have on it. For example, if you’ve eaten there and made special menu request, and they went out of their way to accommodate your request, tell us about it!

Thank you so much for your help! The more you collectively add to the list, more ALL of us in the Chicagoland area who want to eat healthily when we go out with friends and family will benefit!!!  Let’s DO this!!!