Deepa Deshmukh

A dietitian focusing on public health nutrition

Deepa Deshmukh is a registered dietitian with a passion for public health nutrition. She has a strong background in both clinical and culinary nutrition and it has made her a one of the finest functional and integrative nutrition specialist in the area.

Deepa has created treatment protocols by applying basic principles of the Ayurvedic system of culinary medicine where the focus is on healing and nourishing body and mind by eating plant- based natural and wholesome foods. Her focus is on helping those dealing variety of chronic diseases to heal their gut and reduce their inflammation by changing their food habits.

Deepa also has strong counseling skills and uses innovative ideas and principles of cognitive behavior therapy to help people make sustaining lifestyle change.

Since 2007 she has been working diligently to improve patient’s access to medical nutrition therapy. As part of that initiative she has worked with insurance companies to start reimbursing for nutrition counselling and has worked with grant writers to obtain public and private funds to build a commercial kitchen to deliver “Culinary Medicine” based care to those who do not have insurance and are under served.

Currently she has been working on making the nutrient dense legume based product line under the company name Nutritionist Deepa’s.

Nutritionist Deepa’s patented product line consists of a minimally processed, clean label roasted crunchy lentil krispies seasoned with anti-inflammatory turmeric, herbs and spices. These lentil bits are a source of fiber, iron, low glycemic carbohydrates and plant-protein. She firmly believes that to combat the epidemic of mental and chronic diseases we have to start by fixing the daily diets of our children. The focus needs to be shifted from “Eating To Nourishing”.

Instead of pursuing the traditional route to launch the product in a retail market she has decided to work with schools and universities to include her product on their daily menus.