Judi Bryan

Personal health transformation motivates this plant-based enthusiast to this “never too late” lifestyle

Following decades of eating the Standard American Diet (SAD) and experiencing a number of health issues and ballooning weight as a result, it came as a rude awakening when the documentary Forks Over Knives appeared in Judi’s queue on Netflix and she decided to watch. Not only did she choose to follow the dietary recommendations in the film, but one by one she saw her health issues vanish…and over the course of about a year, so did 85 lbs.

Having had such a profound experience, Judi has been a tireless advocate for the Whole Food Plant Based lifestyle, sharing information, websites, documentaries, recipes, anything she can, to help encourage others to check it out for themselves. In an effort to increase her own understanding of the impact of the Whole Food Plant Based (WFPB) lifestyle, Judi completed the Plant-Based Nutrition Certificate program of the T Colin Campbell Center for Nutrition Studies offered through eCornell in January, 2017.

Committed to utilizing her diverse online interests and skills, Judi is helping to advance the message of the power of plants to improve health through social media and other platforms on behalf of PBNM.