Joan Davis, RN, Director

Having discovered what her medical education did not prepare her for, Joan is determined to share her life-saving knowledge

As a master-prepared nurse with over 20 years of wellness experience, I thought I knew about nutrition—until my active, seemingly-healthy husband had a sudden, totally unexpected heart attack.

After a triple bypass, he was advised to go home and “keep doing what he’d been doing” which was discouraging, since we were already following a healthy lifestyle: regular exercise, normal weight, and a diet that most would consider healthy. It was only when we discovered the research showing the strong connection between heart disease and diet did we begin to feel more hopeful and confident he could regain control. We embraced a whole food plant-based no oil diet and he successfully resumed the scuba diving, skiing and all the activities he enjoys.

Meanwhile I was gobbling up nutritional research studies as avidly as the delicious plant-based meals we were enjoying. I earned a certificate in plant-based nutrition and began volunteering for Dr. Michael Greger’s site. Using my teaching background, I also began developing programs that share the “why” and “how” of eating whole plant-based foods. I now present a variety of programs at community colleges, libraries and community organizations focusing on healthy nutrition and lifestyle. I’m delighted to be part of PBNM, sharing the hopeful message of plant-based nutrition.