Plant Based Nutrition Movement
Board of Directors

The Plant Based Nutrition Movement is a collaboration between medical practioners and passionate community members committed to amplifying the message of  plant based nutrition’s power to prevent, halt, and often even heal our most debilitating chronic illnesses.

The board of directors of PBNM have dedicated time an energy to the organization. They are leaders in the Chicagoland plant based nutrition world and share PBNM’s mission of fighting chronic disease with plants. 

As members of the Board of Directors of PBNM, each has agreed to:

  • Embrace PBNM’s mission, policies, programs, and needs

  • Serve as active advocates and ambassadors for PBNM and fully engage in identifying and securing the financial resources and partnerships necessary for the organization to advance its mission

  • Leverage connections, networks, and resources to develop collective action to fully achieve the organization’s mission

  • Give a meaningful personal annual financial donation

  • Prepare for, attend, and conscientiously participate in board meetings

  • Participate fully in one or more committees

Meet Our Board of Directors

Steven Lome, DO
Steven Lome, DOChairman
Steven Lome is a plant based cardiologist in the Rush University Health System and founder of PBNM.
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Ashwani Garg MD
Ashwani Garg MDDirector
A physician passionate about more than just “treating” his patients, but rather Healing them! Food truly IS medicine.
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Tom Isaacson MD
Tom Isaacson MDDirector
Interventional Cardiologist and Restauranteur, Dr Isaacson passionately promotes plat based nutrition to patients and non-patients alike
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Carlos Reynes MD
Carlos Reynes MDDirector
Committed for over 25 years to healing patients naturally with food being the first line of defense
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Narayan Tata MD
Narayan Tata MDDirector
A specialist in pain management, Dr Tata discovered a powerful new tool in his healing toolbox … plant based nutrition!
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Karen Kornick RN
Karen Kornick RNDirector
An RN and plant-based nutrition coach, Karen Kornick brings over 35 years of experience in the health and wellness industry to PBNM
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Erin Sinnaeve APN
Erin Sinnaeve APNDirector
Witnessing first hand the damage the SAD diet has on families fuels Erin Sinnaeve’s (APN & FNP-C) determination to get more plants on her patients’ plates
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James Cain PhD, RD
James Cain PhD, RDDirector
His long time interest in athletic performance and general health led James to his passion about evidence-based plant-based nutrition
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Sherry Shrallow
Sherry ShrallowDirector
A whole food plant based diet saved her life. Now her accomplishments helping others transition is this author / chef’s mission
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Janet Pearson
Janet PearsonDirector
Having grown up believing she was eating healthy, research confirmed that plant based nutrition is the healthiest, and Janet is committed to teaching others how
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Venkata Vedam
Venkata VedamDirector
Since learning about the power of plant based nutrition to heal severe illness, Venkata Vedam has become a powerful advocate. He’s a force of nature!
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Marcy Pritzen
Marcy PritzenDirector
Committed to inspiring others and finding ways to leverage her personal and professional experience to influence change
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Steve Pritzen
Steve PritzenDirector
Passionate about endurance sports and fitness, Steve Pritzen has incorporated a plant based diet to optimize his training and performance
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Betsy Bruns
Betsy BrunsDirector
Betsy Bruns brings her supportive, interactive approach to teaching others how to take control of their health through plant based nutrition.
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Irina Kuznetsova
Irina KuznetsovaDirector
Following some serious family health issues, Irina Kutznova discovered the healing power of plants. So convinced, she and her husband opened a plant centered cafe!
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Ewa Stankiewicz
Ewa StankiewiczDirector
PCRM EAP Food for Life Instructor, Healthy Cooking Coach, committed to changing lives “one meal at a time” Read more >
Judi Bryan
Judi BryanDirector, Secretary
Well versed in adaptation, from social media, to technology, her best adaptation was in healing decades long health issues with plant based nutrition, regardless of age.
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