Volunteer Opportunities

As a Non-Profit Organization, we rely heavily on the gifts of Time and Talent! We would not have been able to make the great strides we’ve already made without the passionate efforts of a great many dedicated people. But this is only the beginning, and we know it. And like any organization, there are many ways for a person to be of service, and we greatly appreciate every effort on behalf of moving our message forward. For those seeking opportunities to help,  we offer many options. If any peak your interest, or if you have suggestions as to other ways you’d like to help, please visit our volunteer page to sign up!!!  Below are some ideas …


  • For each of our events, large and small, we need people to do a variety of things, like:
    • Take photos that can be uploaded to social media or included Press Releases, etc
    • Video the event
    • Perhaps Facebook Live or YouTube Live the event
    • Be sure each visitor at the event signs our Guest Register (if there is formal registration for the event, this will simply be checking their name off the list; if they are not on the list, ask that they complete the basic guest list info…name, email (clearly printed), city, state
    • Be sure that each visitor to our events feels welcome, and knows where to find whatever they need
    • If there will be “signage” at the events, we may need help creating the signs
    • Making sure each guest and participant at the event gets a name badge


  • Annual PBNM Spring into Health
  • Finding and connecting with Donors and Sponsors
  • Health Immersions
  • Public Screenings of Documentaries


  • Sharing PBNM content on Social Media
  • Creating & Distributing PBNM promotional material
  • Creating and submitting PBNM promotional information to local media
  • PBNM Merchandise (not yet available) – T-shirts, Sweatshirts, Aprons, Stickers, etc


  • Conduct PBNM Cooking Classes
  • Create and share WFPB-No Oil recipes
  • Prepare meals and/or snacks for PBNM events (Immersions, Screenings, Live Presentations, Fund Raisers, etc.)

Media Promotion

  • Press Releases
  • Social Media (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, etc)

Outreach – Medical

  • Contact Physician offices to determine whether we could present WFPB info to them and their staff
  • Distribute PBNM information to Physician’s offices

Outreach – Restaurant

  • Distribute WFPB-No Oil material to Restaurants
  • Determine their current WFPB offerings (if any) and whether they are, or can be, prepared oil-free
  • Offer to have PBNM help them “healthify” their menu


  • Are you great with WordPress?
  • Are you great with managing databases?


  • Creating informative and impactful content for our website, marketing material, etc. takes time and talent. Are you a good writer who understands the basics of plant based nutrition?

Photographers / Videographers

  • Attend and help visually document our events, large and small. As they say, a picture is worth a thousand words. Help us visually get those words out!