Healthcare / Nutrition Support

When looking at some of our greatest “healthcare” challenges, there is no question we have a huge disconnect. That disconnect is that the very people we go to for health advice, to determine what’s “wrong” with us when we have health issues, and to help us correct those issues are simply not trained to do that. We have an “acute care” system (great for accidents and infectious disease and the like) trying to address chronic disease. And their method of addressing chronic disease is following the acute care model of pills and procedures. And while those things work pretty well with infections and broken bones, they ONLY serve to, at best, mitigate symptoms, and, at worst, perpetuate the problem!

While we may find it comical to think of someone feverishly mopping up a floor while never bothering to turn off the faucet that’s causing the flooding in the first place, there’s nothing at all funny about the fact that it represents precisely what our current “healthcare system” (which should more accurately be termed “symptom management / disease perpetuation” system) is doing. Despite billions spent to “cure” cancer over last several decades, disease outcomes have changed very little. The same can be said for heart disease, for diabetes for most forms of arthritis and all sorts of other debilitating disease that rob people not just of years in their lives, but every bit as importantly, life in their years!

This is why the outreach to medical practitioners and hospitals in our area is so critical! We KNOW that a Whole Food Plant Based dietary lifestyle heals chronic disease, often completely (unless, of course, they revert back to their prior dietary pattern in which case the disease comes roaring back!), so our objective is to help Medical Practitioners of all sorts gain that knowledge as well so they can put this new knowledge into practice with their patients. To that end, we are planning several initiatives:

  • Medical office visits, similar to what the pharmaceutical reps currently do, only we have no product we’re trying to sell. We, too, will provide lunch for them and their staff, but that lunch won’t be pizza or greasy pasta. Rather we’ll be delicious AND health-promoting lunches, along with a brief talk about plant based healing supported by scientific references and handouts for them to give to their patients
  • We understand full well that the physician does not have a practice set up for guiding a patient through the process of changing their eating lifestyle, even if the patient is so motivated. So we are offering our services as their primary resource for that effort. Partnering with physician’s offices to help patients learn about the importance of “food is medicine”, we will help amplify that message through our lectures, cooking classes, mentoring programs, and PBNM Groups.
  • We are building a Plant Based Physician Database (the start of which is here) in which we are vetting practitioners to determine their level of understanding of and commitment to the Whole Food Plant Based lifestyle, including their advocacy against the use of added oils which permeates our food supply
  • We are conducting outreach to Hospitals around the Chicago area to offer resources and support for including more plant based foods on their menus, both for patients, medical staff, and hospital visitors alike! It’s outrageous that currently most hospitals have “heart healthy options” on their menus that are virtually guaranteed to provide them with “return customers!”
  • In the event that hospital outreach is either ineffective or is happening too slowly, we are committed to assisting with and supporting legislation similar to that which passed in California to bring healthy food to Illinois hospitals.

Stay tuned. We’re just beginning!