One of our primary initiatives is simply to “get the word out” and by that we mean to amplify the message of the powerful healing properties of a Whole Food Plant Based dietary lifestyle. This is done by presentations by physicians and other medical professionals as well as by well-informed community advocates, most of whom have had first hand experience of that healing power by having adopted wholly plant based eating.

The Community Events and Speakers can include a wide range of formats from the very small to the very large. Our very first “Community Event” was a “potluck/picnic” held shortly after we were formed as an organization. You can read about the event here, Roughly 100 plant based enthusiasts and plant “curious” folks from around the Chicago area met to connect with others and chat about their experiences, their frustrations, their successes and to, you know, just have a great time with other fabulous people. On the calendar coming up is what we anticipate to be a much larger event, our Spring Into Health 5K scheduled for April 27. We hope you’ll join us!

When Dr Steven Lome, our Chairman and President, first envisioned what is now PBNM, he did so in a Seminar he gave at Rush Copley in Aurora where he peeled off the layers of misinformation that leads roughly two out of three Americans overweight or obese and at least that number suffering from one or more chronic diseases. And, even as a well trained Cardiologist, he, too, was one of those people. Even great medical education does not “train” physicians on how to be healthy, particularly which foods promote health versus which promote disease. This truth is amplified by the fact that the leading cause of death among Cardiologists is, you guessed it, Heart Disease! After watching the award winning documentary Forks Over Knives, Dr Lome was at first skeptical. After all, he though, how could he have gone through years of training and not learned any of what was purported in the movie? So he began digging, doing his own deep dive into the research. And there it was…decades worth of scientific evidence leading to the same conclusion: dietary patterns rich in whole plant based foods are best for optimal health and longevity. His own dramatic transformation is itself a walking testimony as to the power of plants. This is a message he amplifies to every gathering to whom he speaks, large or small.

To stay abreast of upcoming events, large and small, visit our Events Calendar.