Tasty, Health-Promoting Plant-Based Recipes

We invite you to our recipes, all of which are designed to treat your palate as well as promote optimal health. Research overwhelmingly shows the more whole plant foods we eat, the better our bodies are equipped to fight disease. And that means helping, not just to prevent disease, but also to reverse so many of the diseases that threaten our health today. Even better, all of our recipes are oil-free which helps to make them even more heart-healthy.

Mushroom Stroganoff

A simple and tasty sauce/gravy featuring mushrooms and other common ingredients. Serve it over pasta or mashed potatoes for a quick and delicious meal.

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Loaded Sweet Potatoes

Delicious, cheap, quick, and easy. Who doesn’t LOVE potatoes stuffed with their favorite extras! Great for just a quick meal or for parties and family get-togethers! This one can be tailored to individual tastes.

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Christmas Oatmeal

Oatmeal is a great start to any day, but especially around the holidays it’s nice to add some unique flavors…things like orange, cinnamon, persimmon, clove all can really spice up breakfast and start the day with a fresh burst!

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Forbidden Black Rice

3 healthy ways to cook forbidden black rice- stovetop, Instant Pot & Pilaf! A healthy vegan gluten-free side dish full of powerful health benefits. The most nutritious rice you can find!

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Beet Smoothie with Berries

A cool and refreshing, nutrient-rich delight for any time of the year! Loaded with anti-oxidants and fiber, you’ll love, not just the flavor, but how it makes you feel!

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