Recipe Sites

Most of us grew up in a culture that revered animal products as “food.” And while some fruit and vegetables managed to find their way onto our dinner plates, for the most part, they were the “side” items. A meal was generally some sort of meat or seafood as the focus of the dish, with a side vegetable or two, a salad, if we were lucky, and dessert. It’s no wonder, then, that making the decision to largely, if not fully, eliminate animal products (and processed products) from our meals feels pretty scary, especially in the beginning.  But think about this: there are over 20,000 edible plants on our planet. And while we may not see all of them in our produce section of the grocery store, those that we do see can be prepared in an amazing array of ways to satisfy virtually every palate.

The websites listed here are listed as a go-to to help introduce you to some amazing dishes. This is an adventure…one of the most health-promoting of your life. Enjoy the adventure and trust the process!!!!  Bon Appetit!!!