Need to "up your game" in the kitchen?

It’s one thing to make the decision to include more plants in your dietary pattern, but it’s quite another, for many people, to know just how. Even when we’ve cooked most of our adult lives, did we learn how to get the most flavor out of our foods, which seasonings have what impact, which cooking methods retain the most nutrients, and so much more? Chances are, for many of us, the answer is a resounding NO. The following courses were specifically designed to answer that need, and to do so specifically for the plant based cook!

ramses bravo simple foundations

Ramses Bravo is the Head Chef at True North in Santa Rosa, CA, the healing center run by Dr Alan Goldhamer. This is an outstanding place to begin your plant-based cooking journey. 

the culinary gym

Plant-based chef and educator empowers you by offering learning options to ramp up your healthy cooking skills and confidence.

culinary wellness

A 60 day online cooking/nutrition course for physicians and patients alike.

culinary RX

A 60 day online cooking/nutrition course offered by chefs and physicians designed for physicians and the public alike.

forks over knives cooking

A 90 day online cooking course focused on healthful and delicious food preparation.

plant-based cooking pro

A more intensive 6 month online program exploring wide range of cuisines focusing on cooking with no oil.