When it comes to chronic illness, the FARMassist is your best and most reliable ally!

We know you went into the medical field because you wanted to help people. Yet all those years of studying and training left you missing the most important tool in your medical toolbox … nutritional literacy. What your patients put into their bodies every single day is either promoting health or promoting disease. With the leading cause of death for cardiologists being heart disease, it’s crystal clear that medical training is leaving doctors ill equipped to help themselves, let alone their patients. So more and more medical practitioners are taking it upon themselves to learn what they never were taught in medical school … the power of food!

International Conference on Nutrition in Medicine

This annual conference in Washington DC includes world renowned speakers and lectures on evidence-based nutrition.

PCRM Nutrition App for Clinicians

Provides the latest evidence-based information on nutrition’s role in prevention and treatment. Available from Apple Store and Android.

Nutrition for Clinicians

Designed for use in medical offices, work sites, and anywhere people will benefit from learning about healthful eating.

Nutrition CME

PCRM’s free online portal allowing physicians, RNs and dietitians to earn CME/CNE/CPUE.

The Plantrician Project

Join these “champions of change” looking to transform our disease management system to one of true healing.

Quick Start Guide

Designed to help the healthcare professional incorporate the healing power of food into their practice.

International Plant-Based Nutrition Healthcare Conference

A plant-based dietary lifestyle review of current and progressive scientific research evidencing the preventive and disease fighting capabilities of plant-based nutrition.

International Journal of Disease Reversal

A repository of scientific research documenting the effects of nutrition to arrest and reverse chronic lifestyle-related diseases.

Plant-Based Pediatrician

Be sure to check out their Quick Start Guides, both the general version as well as the Pediatric version.