Need help with your Plant-Based Journey? PBNM’s Resources have got you Covered!

No matter where you are in your quest to be as healthy as you can be, you’re not alone! Whether you’re feeling you may need to “make some changes” but are finding the more you learn, the more confused you are, or you’re an old hand at plant-based nutrition and are just looking to “make a few tweaks” to up your game a bit, or anywhere in between, we want to help! So check out our Resources. It’s an ever expanding library of books, websites, videos, podcasts, and more, and all are resources we trust for reliable information.

getting started

The question we hear most often once someone has decided to move to a plant-based dietary pattern is “ok, so NOW what do I do?” The change may be simple, but sometimes it’s not “easy”. We’ve got you covered!


Plant-based nutrition books are the foundation for any individual’s knowledge when embracing a WFPB diet. The more you learn, the more this all makes so much sense!


A fantastic way to see the power of a whole food plant-based diet in action. These documentaries are a must watch, great for helping you understand why whole food plant-based nutrition is so important.

Transitioning to Plant-Based

Lifestyle changes can be intimidating, but these programs provide the tools, resources, community, and support that will help insure your success!

food delivery services

Whole food plant-based meals delivered to your doorstep! Great for busy families or to take on the go. Delicious and nutritious.

recipe sites

Never again will you say “I don’t know what to eat on a plant- based diet”. The options are both endless and DELICIOUS!


Learn more about plant-based diets, find cooking classes and hear from expert plant-based doctors, nearly all of which began where you did…thinking they needed to eat meat!

facebook groups

Facebook can be an easy, free way to connect with other people on a plant-based journey. Ask questions or just sit back and absorb the lessons from others.

plant-based kids

Every parent wants to raise healthy children. Our family-friendly guides will help make it easier! The sooner our children learn the power of food to harm or to heal, the healthier their future will be.

smartphone apps

These apps make a plant-based lifestyle easier to follow, including the many “recipe” apps! Available for both iPhone and Android devices.

youtube channels

These free YouTube video channels offer plant-based cooking videos, and a look at the massive amount of evidence accumulated.

for healthcare professionals

Evidence-based resources for clinicians to learn the power of whole food plant-based eating to prevent and reverse chronic diseases.

Mastering the Holidays

No matter the holiday, making yourself (and others) happy and comfortable can sometimes lead to stresses. Here are some great resources to help reduce the pressure.

Looking for Medical Help?

True North, Sabatino’s Balance for Life, McDougall Progam, Fuhrman, others related to True North (Ohio, New Jersey), Mastering Diabetes.