PBNM Plant Based Cooking Classes

PBNM Plant Based Cooking Classes are finally here!!!! We were thrilled earlier this June, 2019, to graduate our very first class of PBNM Cooking Coaches! These women and men are trail blazers in the Chicagoland area committed to share the HOW of moving toward, or completely to, a whole food plant based way of eating…and thriving!! Watch our calendar and Meetup group to stay abreast of our Cooking Class schedule.

PBNM Cooking Coaches have already begun conducting classes in the greater Chicagoland area, and additional classes will be coming soon. Rest assured these classes are specifically designed to be FUN, INFORMATIVE, SUPPORTIVE and loaded with resources for making it easier for attendees to learn how to add more plant based foods comfortably into their daily routines.

Generally the classes will follow one of two formats.:

  • Some will be “cooking demos” where the instructor will demonstrate how to prepare a dish or dishes, attendees will be able to sample all of the food, and they will also receive the recipes for each dish prepared.
  • Alternatively, some classes will be “participatory” where attendees will be able to participate in the preparation of the food. They will then enjoy eating it, and of course will receive the recipes at the end of the class.

Whatever the particular class format your Cooking Coach selects (format is often dictated by the particular venue) rest assured you’ll have fun, you’ll learn, you’ll meet other great people who are also embarking on this plant based journey, and you’ll be part of this growing movement to help transform health by transforming what we each do in our kitchens every day. And truly what we do in our kitchens every day isn’t just important to us…it’s vital to our planet and our children’s futures as well!

Come join in on the fun!!!!