PBNM Cooking Classes

We are delighted to announce that our first group of PBNM Cooking Coaches have just received their Certifications, and PBNM Cooking Classes and classes are being scheduled now. Some of our Coaches have been independently conducting classes and are passionate about spreading the plant-based message through PBNM, while others are newer instructors eager to share what they’ve been learning with others. In other words, our Coaches are just like you!  No matter where you are on your plant-based journey, our coaches, all of them, have been there as well. They all want to encourage you, share ideas and recipes and tools with you, and help you get really comfortable in your health-promoting kitchen.

While a couple of classes are already meeting, please note that several more are in the process of locating venues, and as soon as new classes are scheduled, they, too, will appear on the calendar. Check back here often to see what has been added.