It’s PBNM Picnic/Potluck Time Again – WoodDale Grove!

Wood Dale Grove Forest Preserve 895 S Wood Dale Road, Wood Dale, IL

You know what's missing from this picture? YOU!!!! Come join in the family fun and delicious eats at our Second Wood Dale Grove Picnic event! If you’ve not been to Wood Dale Grove Forest Preserve, you’re in for a treat! There’s a shelter, and plenty of picnic tables (appx 8′ wide…so lots of seating!) We even have a large grill to use! This is a family friendly event!

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IL4089: Implementing the New Law for Plant-Based Meals

You may have heard about the new law mandating plant-based lunch availability in all Illinois schools goes into effect this month. I was re-re-reading the law yesterday. It says a plant-based lunch will be provided with prior request and it applies to all Illinois schools.

Event Series ADA Meeting

ADA August – Zucchinis on the Horizon…

Because August gardens are often exploding with produce this year, many become “zucchini-ed” out. If you have more garden produce than you know what to do with, join us as we discuss this healthy, if challenging, dilemma. We’ll gather to share strategies to take advantage of August harvests.


Secrets to Living Longer and Stronger While Saving Our Planet!!

Please sign up for this event at is NOT a PBNM event...we are just trying to spread the word! _____ What if I told you that there is a strong […]

Event Series ADA Meeting

ADA September – All Things Apple

Did you know that September is the month most American apples are picked? Our ADA meeting this month will focus on this popular fruit answering the question “Can an apple a day keep the doctor away?” We’ll explore the 10 impressive health benefits of apples


Fuel Plus Fortification


This event may just change how you think about nutrition and create meals for the rest of your life! Glen Merzer and Meryl Fury explain a whole new way of thinking about nutrition and meal preparation. Glen will present a lecture entitled, "Fuel Plus Fortification," describing how to construct the most health-promoting diet, and how to assimilate the philosophies of some of the leading lights of the plant-based movement.