Spring Into Health 5K – 2019 – Run With the Docs!

It’s our First 5K … and YOU’RE INVITED!!!!

Early Arrival: 7:00 am
RACE BEGINS: 9:00 am

Whether you’re an avid runner, or just enjoy getting outside and enjoying the fresh air, we invite you to join along with us to get outdoors and help raise funds for our very worthwhile cause! We’re on a mission … a mission to raise awareness about food and the absolutely mind blowing impact our dietary choices have, not just on our health, but often on our very lives and those of the people we love. Visit our Spring Into Health dedicated website for more details, or you can go directly to our Race registration site to sign up!

Do you know and care about someone with heart disease? Or Diabetes? Or Cancer? Or an Auto-Immune disease? or any of a number of OTHER chronic diseases? THIS 5K IS FOR THEM! It’s a way to get out there and say ENOUGH! We want to take back control over our health! The insurance companies aren’t doing it. The big corporations with all their processed junk food aren’t doing it. The government, handily controlled by big corporations, isn’t doing it. But WE CAN DO IT…YOU and EVERY ONE OF US taking control of our own health can do it!!! It’s surprisingly much easier to do than you might think!

And the BEST PART? We won’t be alone out there! Joining in on this PBNM Inaugural 5K will be dozens of medical professionals there to run and walk with us, many to give brief talks on important subjects like heart disease, autoimmune disease, brain health, nutrition for athletes, lifestyle medicine, and more! In other words, we’ve got HELP in this great effort from a lot of talented Doctors, Nurses, and other Medical Professionals who are committed to helping us get off the corporate merry-go-round which has, for decades, had us convinced that whatever our particular diseases, our only option was to subdue the symptoms. We don’t want “quieter disease” … we want REAL HEALTH!

Oh, and did we mention, Mrs Illinois International (aka Mrs Marnie Robinson) will be there as well?  Her mission, too, is to help raise awareness about the power of food to heal naming her platform “Food is Medicine!” We are thrilled with her participation and her efforts to bring much needed attention to this very important subject! So you’ll definitely want to stop and say Hello to her while you’re there!

So get your running or walking shoes ready! We’ll be serving a plant based meal after the race, which WILL BE TIME-CHIPPED, and DuPage Medical Group will be offering complimentary massages! And invite your friends, family, coworkers to join you! And if they can’t come in person, ask them to sponsor you in your effort to raise money for this worthy cause. We are officially a 501c3 Non-Profit and charitable donations are tax deductible!

Registration fees:

  • $25 through January 31
  • $30 February 1 through March 30
  • $35 April 1 through April 27

Registration must be in by March 31 to guarantee race shirt/size!!!

We wish to give a special thanks to all of our fabulous sponsors! We hope you will take every opportunity to utilize their products and services.  Our Sponsors are, in alphabetical order: