Heart Disease Immersion

Saturday, November 3
7:30 am – 5:00 pm

(the 4:00-5:00 slot will be Dinner Prep for attendees to take food home. Attendees will help in their meal prep…and it’s FUN! We promise!!!

This full day Heart Disease Immersion program focuses first on the causes of Heart Disease, and how that very cause leads us, not just to how to halt its progression, but to its reversal as well.

This is the first of a long line of Immersions PBNM will be hosting covering a wide range of health issues. Each will be designed to be of particular help to individuals who are already facing the specific disease.  While this particular Immersion will be best suited for individuals who’ve already been diagnosed with heart disease, even those who experienced a heart attack, have had stents or bypasses, etc., it will also be meaningful for those who have other indicators (high blood pressure, high cholesterol, etc) which often precede a heart attack.


  • Registrations are for two (2) persons. This may be a “couple” or one person and their support. We STRONGLY encourage a support person. It can be a spouse, a friend, etc.

  • Event will include Breakfast and Lunch for 2 persons.

  • Lecture on Heart Disease by Dr Lome

  • Interactive Q&A

  • Cooking demonstrations that show how tasty & simple health & longevity promoting foods can be

  • and more…

The fee for this full day immersion would normally be $500 (for a party of 2), but as this is our inaugural immersion, we’re offering it at a 50% discount. So the price for this particular event is $250 total for you and a guest.

Saturday, November 3, 2018
7:00 AM to 4:00 PM

Healthy and Happy Living, Inc
1325 Wiley Rd, Suite 139
Meacham Business Center
Schaumburg, IL

To Register for this event via EventBrite, please CLICK HERE.

If you have ANY FOOD RESTRICTIONS, please let us know via email to info@pbnm.org with IMMERSION FOOD in the subject line.


  •  7:30 – Registration, networking and breakfast

  •  8:30 – Welcome/Intro – Sherry Shrallow and Dr Steven Lome

  •  8:45 – Introduction to heart disease and heart disease reversal – Dr Steven Lome

  • 11:45 – QiGong (relaxation and mindfulness)

  • 12:15 – Lunch

  •  1:15 – Patient testimonials

  •  2:00 – Mindfulness and heart disease

  •  2:30 – Label reading and pantry stocking

  •  3:00 – Group Discussion, Q&A

  •  4:00 – Cooking demonstration for dinner (attendees will take home the food prepared so dinner following the event will be “heat and serve”

We’d like to thank The Olive Tap for generously donating some of their amazing Balsamic Vinegars to help “spice up” post event meals! Not only are these Balsamics flavorful (and come in a wide variety to please every palate!) but they are healthy as well!!!!

FOOD RESTRICTIONS: When you register, please let us know of any allergies or food sensitivities so that we can plan our food accordingly. Notifications can be via email to info@pbnm.org with IMMERSION FOOD in the subject line.