In-Person Events

PBNM is beyond eager to resume face-to-face gatherings, and is committed to doing so safely! While we greatly miss seeing you all in person and being able to share information, challenges, and, of course, great-tasting food, we realize that Covid is presenting us with limitations. Please know that any events we conduct in-person, we will follow CDC Guidelines for the safety of all.

We have been creating online events utilizing Facebook Live, YouTube Live, and Zoom Meetings, and have added those events to our Events Calendar. We also suggest that you join our Meetup Group and also engage with us on our Facebook Page and in our Facebook Group, both are excellent spaces to connect with us online, to ask questions, to communicate with us and our other members, and to learn great information that comes our way that we think will be of interest to you and be helpful on your own personal journey.

While we have been focusing on Online Events until it is deemed safe for us to gather in person again, as soon as we are ready to again conduct in-person events, rest assured we’ll let you know. To be sure you get the latest information on upcoming events and to stay abreast of everything else going on with PBNM, sign up for our Monthly Newsletter. Hope to see you soon!