ADA – A Delicious Adventure – SOUPS

TOPIC: Why soup is a perfect choice for whole food, plant-based eaters. Plan to bring a recipe or two of your favored WFPB No-oil soup as you enjoy a big bowl of whatever preferred healthy soup you want to enjoy as we discuss the merits of soup. There are so many healthy choices-- full of nutrients, good for weight loss and so easy to prepare ahead to enjoy on cold winter nights. Let’s warm up and indulge!


NHA Galapagos Island Plant-Based Cruise

The NHA is excited to announce that we will be hosting another plant-based group cruise — This time to the Galapagos Islands on February 17-26, 2023 with Lindblad Expeditions and National Geographic. The chefs will prepare custom whole-food, plant-based meals without added salt, oil, or sugar for our group.

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