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We’re SO EXCITED!!! At PBNM, our focus has been on the “why” of moving toward, even fully to, a whole food plant based-no oil lifestyle. The question we most often get is “but HOW do we do that?” We’re here to show you how!

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Kay is a former educator with 22 years experience who lives in the southwest Chicago suburbs near Aurora. Her passion for cooking and teaching others about the WFPB No Oil way of eating is reflected in her constant search for additional flavorful recipes and students coming back for more classes. For over a year she has conducted classes in her home with her repertoire and knowledge-base expanding. She is a graduate of the C.H.I.P. (Complete Health Improvement Program). Kay has a firm belief in the power of encouragement as people travel this journey of adopting the WFPB No Oil way of eating that is so healthy and worthwhile. Feel free to bring along a small container so you can take home some “goodies” after the class!!!

“I started with small groups in the Yorkville area and with family and friends. Later I expanded with the assistance of Vegan in the Burbs Meetup Group. I have a good size kitchen, but feel best with 5 students at a time. I feel that this allows participants to get plenty of hands on opportunities, ask questions, and get to know everyone better,” says Kay.

The Theme is Soy Curls Class with a Chocolate Dessert to round out the evening (all organic, by the way.)

By the way, having sampled some of Kay’s cooking at various events I’ve attended with her, I can attest to the fact that you’re in for a treat!

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