Volunteer with PBNM

  • Are you passionate about the power of plant-based nutrition to change the trajectory of someone’s health?

  • Are you a “take charge” type who likes to “take the bull by the horns” and make things happen?

  • Are you a “hands on” kind of person who loves to dive into projects but prefer to let someone else take the lead?

  • Do you love the feeling of helping someone to make a real difference in their lives?

  • Are you frustrated that more people don’t know about the power of food and you want to help amplify that message?

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Culinary Volunteers – Professional & Amateur

  • Prepare on site and present simple, tasty WFPB-No oil dishes to gatherings of various sizes and share with them information about the plant-based lifestyle
  • These can be done in small teams where one party does the food prep while another makes the general WFPB presentation
  • Depending on the size of the group, additional volunteers may be needed

Event Committee

  • Discuss potential events and venues
  • Identify target market for event (ie students, doctors, schools, churches, etc)
  • Identify potential venue/s
  • Provide pertinent details to PBNM staff for flyer creation, online publicity, press, etc.
  • Coordinate the gathering of all necessary items for event (food, food service items, etc.)

Event Volunteer

  • Provide activity support at the events, including such things as passing out materials, monitoring food tables, answering general questions from the audience, and guiding guests as needed

Restaurant Outreach

  • Visit local restaurants, speak with head chef or owner about including a WFPB-No Oil option on their menu (PlantPure Nation has some great material)
  • We can provide an insert for their menu to help publicize the WFPB option
  • We will include their restaurant on our site and help promote them to sites like Happy Cow

General Volunteer

  • This is a more open-ended option and can include things such as assisting the presenters at food demonstrations with setting up the venue, passing out literature, distributing food, picking up plates and utensils, cleaning up afterwards

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