Welcome to the PBNM Blog!

This is Steven Lome, founder of the Plant Based Nutrition Movement. Thank you for being a part of this growing community of whole food plant based diet enthusiasts. We know the power of plants to solve America’s healthcare crisis. Now we need to put our passion into action and make significant changes in how American sees food.

Making America’s diet plant centered will require a dramatic change in culture. While the food/pharmaceutical/healthcare industries’ multi-trillion dollar influences may be difficult to overcome, a grass roots movement can and will defeat these superpowers and it starts right here with PBNM.

Originating here in Chicagoland, we strive to give our communities the support and resources that they need to help as many people as possible transition to whole food plant based diets. With free or reduced cost cooking/transition classes, seminars, events and more,  PBNM will not stop until everyone is aware of the power of plants to prevent and reverse chronic disease and the resources to be successful are accessible to all.

Here on this blog, we will share events, stories, initiatives and more related to our organization and plant based nutrition.  We will share success stories to inspire others.

Thank you once again for your support of  PBNM. Whether spreading the word, becoming a member/volunteer, or offering financial resources or other donations, your help is much appreciated. Feel free to contact me with any questions, ideas or resources to help push forward our mission.

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