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Here we are…it is September 2023. And what have we accomplished? Well, I can’t wait till the end of the year to tell you. We have accomplished A Lot! I am proud to report we have made tremendous progress since we started the 6 Million Seeds Child Nutrition Project less than two years ago. Since the project launch, we  

  • have brought the basics of plant-based nutrition to about 400 children in Illinois. 
  • are in the second year of our podcast. 
  • have been featured guests on a dozen other podcasts. 
  • have had mass media exposure enough to bring our message to more than 3.5 million viewers.  
  • have spoken in person at a half dozen different conferences and retreats. 
  • created child nutrition-focused webinars and delivered the first 6 Million Seeds Child Nutrition Summit. 
  • wrote and then published a paper in an international healthcare journal and gave a poster presentation at an international nursing conference in Montreal.  
  • have begun facilitating the awareness and uptake of plant-based lunches for children in Illinois schools.
  • continue to form alliances with other plant-based organizations and 
  • continue to negotiate for and gain access to teach plant-based nutrition to children and their adults in every way possible. 

As exciting as all that is, it is still not enough to turn the rising tide and decrease the growing numbers of children diagnosed with chronic illnesses daily. The good news is we are encouraged by our successes; every day is a new adventure. In fact, we only see our advances and look for more ways to build on them. AND we know we can’t do it alone. It will truly take a huge national village to raise and keep our children healthy.

That leads me to our Next Big Thing (NBT): together with Plant Based Nutrition Support Group, led by Paul Chatlin, we have created the Sage Circle Alliance. It is a network of like-minded and like-missioned collaborators, who sense the urgency of changing our eating patterns for the
planet’s health and every life form she supports. This is the area we are working on currently…yes…along with everything else.

As I write this, we have about 30 plant-based individuals and organizations who are committed to making a difference, who want to turn the tide, and who also realize they can’t do it alone. We are entrepreneurs, activists, and change agents in all business areas. We are doctors, nurses,
organic farmers, media and IT people, business owners, business architects, eco-village founders, authors, educators, health coaches, cooking instructors, recipe creators, and others. We all have a few things in common:

  •   We are passionate about the message.
  •   We see the food system situation as urgent and dire.
  •   We have limited resources.
  •   We feel spread too thin.

We are thought leaders. We realize that we could 10, 20, 30, or even 40x our impact and velocity if we had a way to collaborate with others on the same mission. We are driven, energetic, and motivated to create a bright future.
And so it begins: Sage Circle Alliance. It will make a difference for the planet. If you are an entrepreneur, activist, or change agent interested in being a part of it, email me:

Sage Circle Alliance, the future of plant-based nutrition. Starting Now!

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