Really? Eat More Weigh Less Event

Eat More – Weigh Less (Part 2)

Our “Really? Eat More- Weigh Less” follow-up program was presented online on Sunday, May 15th with several Cooking Demonstrations. Our four cooks, Mark Cerkvenik, Joan Davis, Karen Bender, and Sharmila Vedam had previously presented the “WHY” of Whole food Plant-based Nutrition explaining why most diets fail and reviewing the concept of calorie density. Part 2, then, detailed the “HOW” of daily eating on a whole food plant-based plan, getting specific by giving participants recipes and demonstrations for breakfast, lunch, dinner, and dessert.  

Karen demonstrated savory steel-cut oats and gave several options for sensational overnight oats dishes.

Sharmila then got a little more “exotic” showing how to make a simple but versatile Indian dish giving us examples of how this one recipe could be used for several tasty dishes.

Mark then assembled a Taco Salad made with quinoa.

Joan did the final demonstration, a very simple Mango chia pudding, giving viewers a sample of a full day of eating healthy, easily-prepared meals that would be quite manageable with even the busiest schedule. 

The session finished with a lot of questions from participants and additional recipes. If you weren’t able to attend…. you can watch the entire video here, and you’ll find the recipes showcased here.(if/how viewing and resources/recipes)) which are available.

While this was PBNM’s first cooking class, based on feedback, we anticipate future programs –and hopefully we will be able to present some in person, for a real “hands-on” experience, complete with taste-testing!

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