PBNM Founder Resuscitates Two Fellow Runners During Half Marathon

What are the odds?

During a road race, not one, but two runners collapse with cardiac arrest. It gets better. In an incredible stroke of good luck, in each case a cardiologist happens to be running right behind to administer life-saving care. The SAME cardiologist.

According to a recent article in Runner’s World, that’s exactly what occurred at the Monterey Bay Half Marathon on November 13. It gets even better. The cardiologist in question was none other than Dr. Steven Lome, O.D.—who founded Plant Based Nutrition Movement in 2018.

We’re thankful that Dr. Lome happened to be running this race and for his heroic actions during the stricken runners’ time of greatest need. It’s stories like this that inspire all of us at PBNM to help others overcome their unhealthy lifestyle habits through healthy eating and reverse chronic conditions such as heart disease and diabetes.

Because odds are, a cardiologist may not be nearby when you desperately need one.

Image credit to MaratonFoto

Contributing Writer: John Gagliardi

John Gagliardi has spent almost his entire career writing, editing, and managing content for some of the world’s best known retailers, catalogers, and websites. He has also actively supported numerous non-profit organizations through his work with the Taproot Foundation, a volunteer organization that provides pro bono marketing services to NPOs. A competitive runner and triathlete, after transitioning to a mostly whole food plant-based lifestyle, John was amazed to find that he could train harder, recover more quickly, and need far less pain medication. His goal is to educate and inspire as many people as possible to lead longer, happier lives through healthy eating. When not working or training, he can usually be found in his kitchen experimenting with a new plant-based recipe. He has a bachelor’s degree in Advertising Journalism from Northern Illinois University and a Masters degree in Information Systems Management from Keller Graduate School of Management.