October – It’s Sudden Cardiac Arrest Month, and Pizza Month!

 find the US calendar our National Days of Recognition to be so curious. October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month, Sudden Cardiac Arrest Month, and Pizza Month. Remarkable. It makes for such an odd visual. Imagine two people in hospital ID bracelets and gowns, just out of surgery, maybe with IVs connected, sitting in your favorite pizza parlor. Their doctors, standing behind them, joyously yelling, “Eat Up!” LOL! Really?

This month, PCRM Food for Life Instructor, Betsy Bruns, provides us with great breast cancer information in her article “Orange is the New Pink.” So, here we will look at heart health for a minute. If we google Sudden Cardiac Death, we get more than 8,400,000 hits. If we look at some of the more well-known websites, like WebMD and MayoClinic, we find little information about the effects of nutrition on heart health. This, even though ten out of ten healthcare professionals agree that heart disease is directly related to what we eat. Yet, the majority of information available online from the major healthcare agencies is the same diluted, recycled stuff that has been promoted for years. They say eat more oily fish to increase your Omega-3 level. Limit eggs and alcohol intake. Eat low-fat dairy products and a few more fruit and vegetables. Funny, but it looks like the same information that has allowed heart disease to be the number 1 killer in the USA for decades.

But wait a minute! Is that the whole story? Really? Well, I want you to consider that there is a growing body of evidence that eating a whole food plant-based  (WFPB) diet can significantly reduce the risks for all kinds of Heart Disease. Some heart disease can even be reversed through proper nutrition alone.

“But where can we find that information? How do I use it in my life every day” you ask. Well, you can start here. Watch this YouTube video by PBNM’s founder, Lifestyle Medicine Cardiologist, Dr. Steven Lome. In the video, Dr. Lome gives facts, evidence, and usable information about how to increase your heart health naturally, just by eating the right foods. All of Dr. Lome’s recommendations are based on real research. Dr. Lome has no conflicts of interest, meaning he is not making any money from the suggestions he gives in the videos, either. Check them out.

Now, let’s take it a step further. The same WFPB diet that can reduce and even reverse heart disease also gives us the best chances of fighting many of the most common chronic illnesses. The grip of diseases like cancers, diabetes, inflammatory illnesses, and high blood pressure weakens when patients eat a WFPB diet. This is the power of WFPB eating, one of the best kept secrets for decreasing, preventing and reversing illness, and reducing their associated medical costs.
And as for pizza, you can still celebrate! There are some great WFPB pizzas! We will be adding recipes on the website this month, so please take a look. Test them out for yourself. You will be amazed. Really!

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