Let’s Make Vegan Dairy, Plant-Based Foods More Accessible

Plant-based Milks More Accessible? Let’s Make it Happen!

You can help, and here’s how!

A great article was recently published on the Forks Over Knives website entitled This USDA Program Is Looking to Make Vegan Dairy, Plant-Based Foods More Accessible. In it they write “About 94% of Americans suffer from at least one nutrient deficiency. By introducing more vegan options and plant-based whole foods to nearly 6 million participants nationwide, the USDA is effectively working to fill nutritional gaps. If the proposed changes are approved, WIC will also offer participants a greater number of whole grains, a larger volume of fruits and vegetables, and canned beans, in addition to dried.”

Dairy is part of what the USDA includes on their “mandatory” products for many major institutions like schools, hospitals, military, etc. Given that roughly 68% of the world’s population experience lactose malabsorption according to this article from the National Institutes of Health, particularly the African American, American Indian, Asian Americans, and Hispanic/Latino populations, it being “required” is highly problematic in that lactose malabsorption or lactose intolerance can cause numerous digestive issues such as:

  • Diarrhea.
  • Nausea, and sometimes, vomiting.
  • Stomach cramps.
  • Bloating.
  • Gas.

Now, here’s where you can help!

Congress will be voting on the measures described in the Forks Over Knives article and you can be sure the dairy lobbyists will be out in force to make sure it doesn’t pass! But we have a voice as well. The more of us who contact our respective legislators and voice our support for including and increasing the plant-based options available to our schools (especially our schools!) and other institutions, the higher the odds we can have an impact.

To make it easier to reach your Congresspersons, simply Click Here,
and in the space provided type your street address, city and state.

Phone calls have, by far, the greatest impact…but letters and web contact forms help as well. Let them know that you support increasing whole food plant-based options available to our schools and other institutions, including, but not limited to, plant-based milks in an effort to improve the health of our children. 

Your voice matters! 

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