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Gorgeously Green with Amy Tasetano

Today, we invited Amy Tasetano to talk about her ‘gorgeously green lifestyle’. Amy has a Bachelor of Business Administration in industrial and organizational psychology. She has also completed the plant-based nutrition certificate through the T. Colin Campbell Center for Nutrition Studies in addition to becoming a nutritarian health coach and podcast host.

Why Did You Go Plant-Based?

My husband Rick was on blood pressure and cholesterol medicine, and my parents, my grandparents, and my mom had type 2 diabetes. My numbers kept changing, and it was not going to be long before I was going to be medicated. I was really concerned about Rick.

We have a really great relationship, and I loved him in any size, but I was just really worried that something could possibly happen to him too early on. I was eating a lot of things that I thought were healthy, so I would have cheese because that was promoted. I would have the sugar substitutes, candy, and sometimes we would have some junk food and go out to eat. But I always said, “give me the dressing on the side.” I had the olive oil, just all the things that we learned that were healthy. That’s how I ate.

I saw the pounds kept creeping on, I just didn’t feel very good, and the health issues were my main concern, especially heart disease. I didn’t know that it made a difference as far as what you ate. I didn’t know anything.

What Changes Did You Notice When You Went Plant-Based?

The food didn’t taste that great at first, so Rick jumped into the kitchen. He started to make the food, and we did some research. We found ways to make food taste like it had salt in it without adding the salt and to make it taste sweet without adding any sweeteners. Things started to work out, and then by the second week or so, he wasn’t feeling those flu-like symptoms anymore. He started to feel a little bit better.

Rick was on those medications, so we were talking to the physician, and we got a blood pressure monitor and checked it several times a day. He was recording his blood pressure; this was the way we could make sure that he wasn’t becoming dangerously over-medicated. Fortunately, his physician was willing to work with him and titrate him down safely off of the medication, which happened rapidly. His blood pressure went down rapidly, so it was just fantastic.

The pounds started coming off, which was really nice. Within a year, we saw huge changes in our bodies. We started to do more exercise to try to get a little more toned. It was amazing.

What’s a Piece of Advice You Have For People Going Plant-Based?

I would say find a simple, plant-based recipe. We all get busy, and that gives us excuses not to shop or prepare food. Just find something simple, and for some people, they can just dive in and do it all at once. But for most people, they can’t.

Pick an easy recipe and eat it for lunch every day. I think lunch is the meal when a lot of times, we’re out and we have temptations. Just find one recipe and eat that for lunch every day for a week.

If you’re on medications, especially for blood pressure or diabetes, be careful. You could become dangerously over-medicated in a short amount of time by just changing even one meal a day. It’s good if you can lower your glucose and your sodium levels so that you can have lower blood pressure, but you want to make sure that you’re monitoring yourself so that you can share that with your physician.

Just do that, and I think that you’ll notice a difference. Then, try to find another recipe and see if you can change another meal once or twice a week. Just slowly build on it, and don’t feel bad if you don’t do it right. The next meal is an opportunity for a reset

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