Family Cooking Class Debuts

PBNM Cooking Coach Maureen Hartwig is a shining example of how to raise children on a plant-based diet. Realizing that childhood obesity and diabetes are affecting kids at alarming rates and at ever younger ages, resulting in life-long health issues, Maureen has embarked on a mission to educate families about the health benefits of feeding children foods that avoid these problems.  She recognizes that kids can be picky eaters, that their schedules are often crazy busy, and that kids face lots of social pressures to consume unhealthy foods.  Maureen’s three sons, ages 6. 10 and 12, are thriving in their plant-based lifestyle, and she is ready to show other families the how-to’s involved in making this lifestyle a possibility for them as well.  The trick, Maureen notes, is to “keep it simple.”  Knowing what foods your kids love, it’s easy to modify recipes to make them plant-based.

On February 9th, from 2-4 pm, Maureen will host her first informational group for twelve parents. She will demo two easy dinner recipes (Asian and Mexican) that parents will be able to sample and will learn from the group how they would like future classes to be formatted.  Her hope is that this group will meet on a regular basis and that they will include their children in future classes and social activities.

Cost of the class is $15 per person and will take place in Park Ridge, Illinois, near Lutheran General Hospital.  Exact address will be provided once registered through either or at Lincolnshire Vegan No Oil Cooking Club at Questions? Contact Maureen via, Attention: Maureen.

About Maureen…

She and her husband Christian live in Park Ridge, Illinois.  They are focused on being active with their three sons and being involved in their community.  Maureen started her transition to a plant-based diet 7 years ago when she watched the documentary Forks Over Knives.  At first, she did it alone but soon realized that it was important to help her children and husband adopt these eating habits as well.  “The journey has not always been easy,” says Maureen, “with many starts and stops along the way.”  They are still learning but are finally in a great plant-strong place.