Children’s Health Summit

Have you ever wondered why there is a growing health crisis AMONG OUR CHILDREN? Do you worry about how to protect your kids or grandkids and keep them from getting sick with the diseases that may run in your family? Do your kids struggle with big emotions, sadness, anxiety, or challenges in school? Then we have an event for you and your family. Come to the 6 Million Seeds 2022 Child Nutrition Summit (register at, 4 days of world-class speakers who will totally expose the lies we have been told and give you the absolute truth about what we feed our children. We have more power than we know! You can protect and help your children heal from some of the biggest threats to their health. So let this Summit give you the secrets you need to give your kids the best chances at success.

The 6 Million Seeds 2022 Child Nutrition Summit is FREE, LIVE! and online, but you do have to register. Do that at Meet us 12/3 – 12/6 for two sessions per day. Unlock important health secrets for your family! Keep your kids strong and growing healthier every day.

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