Chicagoland – Connect with us on Meetup

Hey, Chicagoland! We invite you to join our Meetup – and feel free to join in on any events that are of interest to you! The events on our Meetup Calendar are very assorted and include such things as:

  • Educational/support type groups (most are “voluntary potlucks” where participants are encouraged to bring a whole food plant-based no oil dish to pass. Bringing a dish is generally not required, but serves to both give participants some “practice” at preparing a WFPB-NO dish, but also to introduce a variety of delicious foods to other participants
  • Cooking Classes
  • Educational speakers
  • Picnics/potlucks
  • Documentary film screenings
  • Health immersions
  • …and more

While most of the events on our Meetup Calendar are events, we are also pleased to help expose our members to events hosted by others, but which are aligned with our specific objective, which is, of course, to provide our members with as much useful information and as many resources as possible about the power of a whole food plant-based dietary pattern to promote optimal health. Such events will indicate who is actually conducting the event.

To help make your Meetup experience as useful, and unobtrusive as possible, please note that you have considerable control over the notifications for any Meetup GROUP of which you are a member.  In some cases you may wish to receive ALL notifications regarding their events. For others, you may only wish to receive a few. When you first join any group, assumes you want to receive ALL available notifications. So, by default, all of the options are automatically selected. But it’s very easy for you to go in and identify which notifications you want, and which you do not.

Below are the available options which, as mentioned above, are automatically selected, and followed by instructions as to how to stop any notifications you don’t wish to receive.

  • New Event Announcements

  •   My RSVP is Confirmed
  •   RSVPs to events you’re hosting
  •   Changes to event time or location
  •   Event reminders (select “As they are sent”, “Once per day”, or “Never”)
  •   Event updates from organizers
  •   Event rating requests
  •   New photos uploaded
  •   New photos uploaded
  •   Someone tags or comments on my photo
  •   My Facebook friend joins the Group
  •   Announcement to members about the group
  •   Discussion invitations

So, to customize your notifications for our Chicagoland Plant Based Nutrition Movement Meetup, click on the “You’re a Member” button toward the lower right of our image on our Meetup page. When the drop-down list appears, select Group Notifications. We urge you NOT to “deselect” New event announcements, Event updates from organizers, Changes to event time or location or Announcement to members about the group. Given that, generally, of those 4 items, only one announcement goes out…and that’s the original announcement when an event is created. All other notifications are much less critical. Once you’ve reviewed your notifications and deselected any you don’t wish to receive, there is nothing to “save”…your selections are automatically saved when you make them. By all means back out of that page, and then go back to it to check, just to be sure!

We hope you find this guide helpful and that you’ll join us on Meetup and often at events. We look forward to connecting with you!

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