Wisdom from the Community

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Introducing Vivian Amos-Brown – Rob Chapman – Gwendolyn Hondras During our “Feed the Body, Nourish the Soul” event, we had the privilege of hearing from a few community members, each having life experiences that eventually led them to discovering the healing and revitalizing power of plant-based nutrition. To hear them tell their stories in their own words, click here.

Meet Rachel Echols

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I grew up in a typical Latter-day Saint family in Orem, Utah. We ate the standard American diet. We always had a garden and fruit trees, but we ate a fair amount of meat, cheese, and other dairy products, and our vegetables were always covered in butter or cream. I was always thin until I got married when I soon began having problems keeping a healthy weight. After having my two children, I struggled to get the weight off, especially after the birth of my second child, and, as the years passed, I gained more and more weight. I also experienced frequent migraines, sugar addiction, and food cravings.

Meet Carol Cunard

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At age 12 Carol developed epilepsy. To treat her condition, she was prescribed a cocktail of medications to prevent petit mal seizures. She still experienced seizures and had to be continuously monitored. Over time, she was prescribed different medications to better control her condition. After graduating from college, she married a man from Iowa who was strictly a meat and potatoes guy. Carol ate the Standard American Diet (SAD) though she liked chicken and fish more than meat. When she turned 35, she had difficulties with excessive bleeding during her menstrual cycle. Her OB-GYN doctor found the blood loss left her deficient in iron and accordingly advised her to eat more red meat. Thinking the doctor knew best, she followed his advice.

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