Framingham Heart Study

The year was 1944.  President Franklin Delano Roosevelt was planning for the Allied landing at Normandy.  Around the same time, out of concern from his daughter, the President admitted himself to Bethesda Naval Hospital in March of 1945 for a second opinion.

Nutritional Power of Winter Squash

Acorn, Butternut, Delicata, oh my! Around this time of year, there may not be much local produce available, but winter squash is still in season. These versatile and hearty fruits come in an array of shapes, sizes, and colors, adding warmth and flavor to seasonal dishes.

Identity and Nutrition

We all have labels that are part of our identity. Some of those labels we choose for ourselves and some we don’t. As a registered dietitian nutritionist, I chose to spend many years studying and working to earn that label. However, sometimes the dietitian label makes me look very different to some people than how I see myself. For example, a very common misconception is that dietitians are part of the “food police” meaning we are watching and judging what other people eat.

February is All About the Heart

Welcome to American Heart Month! Two dates in February referencing the heart come to mind. American Heart Month is a time we focus on love by celebrating Valentine’s Day. Many people celebrate Valentine’s Day by going out to a nice restaurant for dinner or fixing a special dinner at home or giving gifts of chocolates or sweet treats to our sweeties. Love is in the air!

The World of Citrus

Winter is in full swing here in Wisconsin. Temperatures have plummeted, snow covers the landscape, and most fields lie dormant. Since many people in this area can’t grow their produce given the climate this time of year, finding local, fresh produce is more challenging.

Anti-Oxidants –  A Health Powerhouse

We have all heard Hippocrates’ quote “Let Food Be Thy Medicine – and Medicine by Thy Food,” but what does that really mean?  Let’s look at just one example of food as medicine – antioxidants. We’ll soon see why Hippocrates’ quote from 400 BC is timeless.

The Culinary Connection

Migraines are more than just a throbbing headache; they can be debilitating, affecting both our physical well-being and our quality of life. The World Health Organization categorizes migraines as one of the ten most disabling medical illnesses. In fact, migraine is the third most common disease in the world, affecting one out of every seven people globally.

Nutrition Facts Labels – Breaking the Code

Sometimes, on a WFPB diet or if transitioning to a WFPB diet, we do include foods in our diet that have nutrition labels. It could be a bag of frozen vegetables, a can of beans, tomatoes, or artichokes, a jar of olives, a box of pasta, vegetable broth, a loaf of bread, or a jar of pasta sauce. As the holidays approach, it could be a can of pumpkin or a bag of dried cranberries. Sometimes in a pinch for time, we may have a vegan frozen dinner such as enchiladas or a beans and rice dish, a vegan pizza, or a box of vegetable soup.

Kids’ Food Matters

PBNM is creating something special and plant-based in the dairy state! Edward Bain School of
Language and Art (EBSOLA), nestled in Kenosha, WI, is our pilot site for a school-based 6 Million Seeds project! Dilip Barman, a long-time educator and plant-based chef, created the award-winning “Healthy Snack Program.”

Empowering Illinois Parents

We are building momentum for the Plant-Based School Lunch option in Illinois Schools!
Here’s the next step to revolutionize what our children eat at school. As part of our ongoing
efforts to promote healthy, sustainable, and nutritious food choices, we invite you to
participate in this mandated change, the first ever at the state level.