Food Is Medicine

Food For thought When We Say, “Food Is Medicine…” June is a big month at my house. We have two birthdays, Father’s Day, and the Summer Solstice (both my favorite […]

Food That Fuels Your Brain

Feed Your Head: Links Between Nutrition and Dementia Do you have a family history of neurological disorders like dementia or Alzheimer’s? It can be tough to see a loved one […]

My Dieting & Weight Loss Journey – Part Two

My Nutritarian Diet Details Sharing the details of my Nutritarian diet below. The diet was inspired mainly from the Radical Weight Reduction Menu in The End of Heart Disease. Also, I’ve […]

A Heart With Wings

A strong, regular, and reliable heartbeat is what makes humans hum. Literally, it makes us (and most of the other animals we know) tick. We have numerous sayings and idioms about the heart showing its vital function. For example, as humans, we can have an abrupt changes of heart. So, we like to “keep our fingers on the pulse” of situations. I

Arguments Over Food Names

How can the eating preferences of such a small group of people cause such disruption to multi-billion dollar industries? The Guardian estimates there are just 79 million vegans around the […]

My Dieting & Weight Loss Journey – Part One

“Since the foods Americans consume are so calorie-rich, we have all been trying to diet by eating smaller portions of low-nutrient foods. We not only have to suffer hunger but also wind up with perverted cravings because we are nutrient-deficient to boot.” ― Joel Fuhrman, Eat to Live: The Amazing Nutrient-Rich Program for Fast and Sustained Weight Loss

Supporting Children and Grandchildren

Supporting Children and Grandchildren with Dale Barzey-Pond Dale Barzey-Pond is a Registered Nurse & Midwife who was born and raised on the tiny Caribbean island of Montserrat. She received her […]

Every Day is Earth Day

It may be hard to imagine that before 1970, a factory could spew black clouds of toxic smoke into the air or dump tons of toxic waste into waterways with little notice given. It was perfectly legal back then, and industries could not be taken to court to stop it. Our cars ran on leaded gasoline. Exhaust emissions hung in the air and created smog and exacerbated people’s respiratory conditions including emphysema, asthma, and bronchitis.

What To Do About SNOOOZZZZZ-less Children

Adequate sleep is essential for physical, cognitive, and emotional well-being. Yet, sometimes children don’t get restful sleep, sleep they need perhaps even more than adults. Since a child who doesn’t sleep can make her parents frantic, let’s get comfy and look at the importance of sleep for children,