Food and Mood in Times of Crisis

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Food and Mood in Times of Crisis

We all may be experiencing the pandemic in different ways. Some may feel more fear, either of the virus or about their financial future, while others may feel grateful to have better quality time with family and more time at home. There are many aspects of […]

Heart Disease Month

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Heart Disease Month

Have you been diagnosed with heart disease? If so, you are not alone. According to the American Heart Association, 116.4 million, or 46% of adults, are estimated to have hypertension and someone dies of cardiovascular disease every 38 seconds. February is American Heart Month, and each year […]

Chicagoland – Connect with us on Meetup & Choose Notifications

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Chicagoland – Connect with Us!

Hey, Chicagoland! We invite you to join our Meetup – and feel free to join in on any events that are of interest to you! The events on our Meetup Calendar are very assorted and include such […]

When It’s Your Life, Choices Matter

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When It’s Your Life – Choices Matter

Danny and his wife Debbie are good friends of mine.  When I got the news that he had suffered a serious heart attack earlier this year, my heart broke for him.  Danny is a great guy and an even better friend.  He loves […]

Why You Want to Trim the Fat This Holiday Season

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A Time for Thanksgiving

Why You Want to Trim the Fat This Holiday Season

Giving thanks in November is an American tradition that dates back to 1621 when, as the story goes, a harvest feast was shared between the English colonists (Pilgrims) of Plymouth and the Wampanoag people, […]