Protecting Your Brain from Dimentia

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There is a “tsunami” of dementia that is appearing to worsen in the Western world. Alzheimer’s disease is the fastest growing epidemic in the Western world. In the United States, it is the leading cause of morbidity and it is currently listed as the fourth leading cause of mortality.

Just Do The Thing

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I have been reading a lot of posts on social media these days. It is one way I keep on top of the struggles people have all over the country. I frequently see this issue: The person writing the post has been eating healthy and maybe working out. They usually report that they have had great success with their healthy eating and workout plan. They may even show before and after pictures pointing to a tremendous weight loss during some recent stretch of time

Dr. Kim Williams Presents Covid-19 Mortality and Nutrition

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To call his presentation profoundly informative would be an understatement. Dr. Williams began with a plea to each of us to take the information he shares directly to our own healthcare providers. As he points out, “the leading cause of death among physicians, including cardiologists, is heart disease.” Even though there is considerable evidence in the scientific literature, physicians learn almost nothing about using nutrition to prevent or reverse illness in their medical training.

Food as Fuel

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In the classic film, Raiders of the Lost Ark, Indiana Jones' ex-sweetheart Marion (played by Karen Allen) observes "You're not the man I knew ten years ago." Indy (Harrison Ford) replies with the great comeback, "It's not the years, honey. It's the mileage." At the risk of contradicting Dr. Jones, when it comes to our bodies, it's not only the mileage—it's the fuel that's being pumped into our "tanks." As any mechanic will tell you, powering a car with an improper fuel mix can cause its engine to run rough,

The 8 Dimensions of Health

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Recently, I was hunting for a quick guide to a healthier lifestyle. I landed on this one, The Wellness Wheel, as described by Yale School of Medicine. The Wheel divides human health/wellness into eight dimensions. Each one of the dimensions is worthy of a lifetime of study. Notably, these facets of wellness mirror those promoted by the American College of Lifestyle Medicine.

We’re All in This Together

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Chief Seattle, chief of the Duwamish, Suquamish, and allied Indian tribes, was a member of the First Nation of North America. In 1854, President Franklin Pierce was pressuring Chief Seattle to sell his people’s land to the US government. After much consideration, Chief Seattle responded to the offer to purchase in what is now called “Chief Seattle’s Letter.” The letter was originally delivered at a gathering as an oral statement from the Chief. It was then translated into another Native American language before arriving in its first English form. Since its original publication in 1887, the wording has been modified several times. There are many different versions of the

Meet Carol Cunard

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At age 12 Carol developed epilepsy. To treat her condition, she was prescribed a cocktail of medications to prevent petit mal seizures. She still experienced seizures and had to be continuously monitored. Over time, she was prescribed different medications to better control her condition. After graduating from college, she married a man from Iowa who was strictly a meat and potatoes guy. Carol ate the Standard American Diet (SAD) though she liked chicken and fish more than meat. When she turned 35, she had difficulties with excessive bleeding during her menstrual cycle. Her OB-GYN doctor found the blood loss left her deficient in iron and accordingly advised her to eat more red meat. Thinking the doctor knew best, she followed his advice.

Living with Non-Vegans

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When I went plant-based over 10 years ago, my husband did not bat an eye; he joined me immediately on my journey to vibrant health. Not everyone is that fortunate. The following are typical of comments I hear when speaking at events: “My spouse eats the Standard American Diet (SAD) and thinks I’m crazy for going plant-based” and “My children won’t eat the plant foods I make so what’s a parent to do?” Clearly, there is no “one size fits all” approach to transitioning to a whole food plant-based lifestyle.

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