Don’t Let the Quarantine Grinch Steal Your Holiday Spirit

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As the holidays approach, it’s easy to bemoan the things we WON’T be doing this year. Big family gatherings, seasonal office parties, elaborate New Year’s gatherings—not likely this year! But before we allow the Quarantine Grinch to steal our spirit, I challenge you to consider how we can still savor and celebrate our end-of-the-year holidays. I don’t want to minimize the very real hardships and grief that some of our members have experienced this past year. Losing normal activities, jobs or even loved ones during this pandemic has taken their toll on many of us. The losses for some can seem overwhelming,

The Plant–Based Easter Egg Makeover

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Whether decorating eggs or deviling them, it is estimated that 180 million are purchased for Easter every year. Why has this become a tradition around the world? Easter is a religious holiday, but customs like Easter eggs may be linked to Pagan practices. An ancient symbol of new life, the egg has been associated with springtime Pagan festivals. Decorating eggs for Easter goes back as far as the 13th century. One theory for this custom is that eggs were once a forbidden food during the Lenten season. People would paint and decorate them to mark the end of the period of penance and fasting. Then they would eat them on Easter as a celebration. Flash forward many centuries and many advances in science and nutrition; we now suspect that eggs may be incredibly inedible. A 2010 study in the Canadian Journal of Cardiology found a 19% increased risk for cardiovascular problems in people that consume the most eggs. A 2019 report in the Journal of the American Medical Association, tracking 30,000 participants found that eating ev

Plant-based Substitutions That Keep Your Holidays Sweet

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My childhood holidays are filled of sweet memories. My mother, Bunny, made sure we were indulged in every way. Bunny was an only child of Irish descent who grew up in a Jewish neighborhood in Brooklyn. Born to parents of the Greatest Generation who never forgot the lessons of the Great Wall Street Crash. My mother’s father, who we called Poppy, worked on Wallstreet in 1929 and witnessed the devastation firsthand. Because of this, my grandparents never invested their money in markets or in a home. My mother grew up in a one bedroom flat with very few frills or holidays trimmings. When she became a mom, she decided to celebrate in a very differnet way.

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