The Plant-Based Protein Question. Answered.

Food for Thought I usually try to do a thoughtful article for my blogs. This time I’m taking a different tack. During a recent conversation, the subject turned to nutrition […]

PBNM Founder Resuscitates Two Fellow Runners During Half Marathon

What are the odds?
During a road race, not one, but two runners collapse with cardiac arrest. It gets better. In an incredible stroke of good luck, in each case a cardiologist happens to be running right behind to administer life-saving care. The SAME cardiologist

Young Athletes Thriving on Plants

Ayo Fury is 22 years old athletics enthusiast. He does resistance and weight training and cardio exercise almost daily. Monique Landry is 21 years old.  She is on the varsity rowing team and practices Brazilian jujitsu. She does resistance and weight training and cardio an average of 3 hours per day. Both are in their Masters’ programs, and both are plant-based. Listen to what they have to say about being a young person living an athletic, plant-based lifestyle