The Picture of Health in America

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Plant Based Nutrition Movement ( was founded in 2018 because of an obvious need for more information on the value of a plant-based dietary pattern. We started out holding education immersions designed to help our community take back their health. We created a 5k walk/run, potlucks, and other social gatherings for support and idea-sharing during that first year. Then the pandemic hit. We took that time to look carefully for what was missing that, if it was present, could really make a difference.

Checking The Box for Sleep

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Every day we make a conscious effort to “check all the boxes” for good health.  Checking the box “Get Adequate Sleep” is not always on the radar.  Yet getting a good night’s sleep each night is just as important as the other boxes checked as part of a healthy lifestyle. Inadequate or poor quality sleep affects how we function both physically and mentally.

6 Million S.E.E.D.S.

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6 Million S.E.E.D.S. (Students Educated in Environment, Diet, and Sustainability) Have you had the chance to look at the state of child nutrition recently?  We have.  The fact is that, in general, kids’ food is pretty dismal everywhere we look.  It doesn’t seem to matter where the family is from, or what language they speak; no matter the race or ethnicity. Layer School food quality on top of that, and it just gets more complicated.

Celebrate with Oatmeal

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January is National Oatmeal Month. But wait, you say - it’s December. Yes, but this notice will give you plenty of time to stock your pantry for your upcoming January oatmeal adventure.  Nothing is more satisfying than to cozy up to a warm bowl of oatmeal. Oatmeal is a comfort food (yeah, a healthy comfort food!) that is nourishing and delicious. This heart-healthy breakfast food is a good source of fiber, molybdenum, and manganese, which both offer antioxidant protection, stabilize blood sugar, and more.  It is a great way to brighten up the start of the day during the cold, dreary weather. 

Dodging the Dangers of Emulsifiers

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I started my whole food plant-based journey about two years ago, after a stretch of paleo style eating that included eggs and very few other animal products.  What turned the tide for me? I had a major health scare that included brain surgery and clear messaging from my neurosurgeon that I needed to eliminate animal products, oils, and chemicals from my diet if I wanted a chance at healing my brain.

Now Is The Time for Direct Action

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The document was commissioned by the Department for Businesses, Energy, and Industrial Strategy and written by the Behavioral Insights Team. Unfortunately, it was only up for a few short hours before it was taken down and downplayed. The reasons provided for the retraction were 1) that it is a research paper, not government policy and 2) they didn't want to tell people what to do.

Making the Healthy Choice the Easy Choice

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Day by day, we're surrounded by conveniences and temptations that may direct us away from our health goals. For example, when rushing out the door in the morning, it may seem easier in the moment to grab a fast-food drive-through breakfast than to prepare and enjoy a healthful and nourishing whole food plant-based meal.

Giving Tuesday – Help Us Make a Difference

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As one of PBNM’s loyal supporters, you have received our newsletters and attended our community events. Because of your involvement with PBNM, I’m personally reaching out to you and a few others today—before Giving Tuesday. Because you care so deeply about the benefits of Whole Food Plant-Based living, I want you to be a part of our Giving Tuesday Campaign to ensure that our most vulnerable populations continue to hear the message. 

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