Just Do The Thing

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I have been reading a lot of posts on social media these days. It is one way I keep on top of the struggles people have all over the country. I frequently see this issue: The person writing the post has been eating healthy and maybe working out. They usually report that they have had great success with their healthy eating and workout plan. They may even show before and after pictures pointing to a tremendous weight loss during some recent stretch of time

Time for Tea

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While we are all trying in earnest to maintain or restore our health by eating a whole-food-plant based diet, a wonderful beverage, tea, is often forgotten.  With over 3,000 varieties and over 2,000 bioactive compounds, this simple beverage has much to offer

Eating Leafy Green Veggies

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As a lifestyle medicine clinician, patients often ask me what is the ONE change they can make to improve their diet. While I always want them to eat a variety of fruits and vegetables, if there is one thing they can do, it would be to add more leafy greens into their diet. It’s no secret that greens are healthy but dark leafy greens are likely THE most nutrient dense foods on the planet. What do I mean by leafy greens? These are foods such as romaine lettuce, arugula, spinach, swiss chard, watercress, collard greens as well as, other cruciferous veggies like broccoli.

Dr. Kim Williams Presents Covid-19 Mortality and Nutrition

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To call his presentation profoundly informative would be an understatement. Dr. Williams began with a plea to each of us to take the information he shares directly to our own healthcare providers. As he points out, “the leading cause of death among physicians, including cardiologists, is heart disease.” Even though there is considerable evidence in the scientific literature, physicians learn almost nothing about using nutrition to prevent or reverse illness in their medical training.

Wisdom from the Community

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Introducing Vivian Amos-Brown – Rob Chapman – Gwendolyn Hondras During our “Feed the Body, Nourish the Soul” event, we had the privilege of hearing from a few community members, each having life experiences that eventually led them to discovering the healing and revitalizing power of plant-based nutrition. To hear them tell their stories in their own words, click here.

What is Nitric Oxide

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You may be thinking “what the heck? I’ve never heard of nitric oxide. This must not apply to me.” Most people don’t know what it is otherwise they may say “Hey doc, what are my nitric oxide levels?”. Well, I urge you to stick with me because scientific and medical professionals recognize nitric oxide (NO) as one of the most important molecules produced in humans.

What’s Wrong With Cheese

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Americans love cheese! I know, this is not a shock, but in fact, Americans eat more than 33 pounds of cheese per person per year which is 3 times more than they did in 1970. It is not a coincidence that people are more obese than ever. Cheese is loaded with saturated fat, sodium, and cholesterol. When you look at the facts, it’s clear that cheese is pretty terrible for us. See below for 5 alarming facts about cheese and your health.

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