Animal Compassion

Discussing Animal Compassion With Mariquita Solis and Peter Goldstein

Mariquita Solis is a Vegan Empowerment Coach who helps vegans move from hopelessness and anger into peace and powerful advocacy. She has a weekly livestream show that features joyful vegans who are giving back to Mother Earth.

Mariquita also handles the Community Management and Engagement for WeDidIt.Health, a community that shares the benefits of whole food plant based living. She believes passionately in the link between diet and health for ourselves and the planet.

Mariquita is also the leader of the Animal Ministry at Unity North Church. Nothing makes her happier than being the voice for animals and Mother Earth.

In her down time, Mariquita volunteers as a docent and animal handler at the Chattahoochee Nature Center leading hikes and presenting animal demonstrations. She loves hiking with her rescue pup, Louie, tree hugging and enjoying nature in any way she can.

Peter Goldstein is a former CEO of technology and software systems and a lifelong advocate of personal power and conscious practices. Over the past 10 years, he’s been tracking a mounting body of evidence that demonstrates that we can save as much as 75% of healthcare costs in the US plus eliminate the associated human pain and suffering by simply changing food-based lifestyle. Peter is dedicated to changing that calculation during his lifetime on the planet.

Peter Goldstein is on a mission to figure out how we can ignite curiosity in our friends and loved ones about the benefits of consuming a whole-food, plant-based diet. He has created multiple platforms to effectively spread the message about the health benefits of a plant-based lifestyle. His main initiatives are focused on supporting the grassroots ambassadors. These are the people who are already on board and have already started sharing the message. Also, he has created a scoreboard where you can chime in to share about how you have benefited from the whole-food, plant-based lifestyle, at

Food As Medicine

A concept that many are embracing is “food as medicine” – using nutrition and lifestyle changes to keep the body happy and healthy. In the podcast episode with him, Peter Goldstein shares how dietary changes helped him lose weight – and keep it off – without medication.

Connecting What You Eat to How You Feel

A way Mariquita Solis has found to effectively frame nutrition is through being aware of how diet affects how you feel. What we eat is strongly connected to how we feel.

Pay attention to the foods that make you feel more energetic versus the foods that wipe you out. Mindful eating can make a big difference in your perspective on nutrition.

The Disconnect Between Food and Animals

Most of us are disconnected from the process of making food. When you see food at the store, it’s important to recognize all the work that goes into the food we eat and the sacrifices made for it – both in the lives of animals and the labor that goes into the process. focuses on the foundation of relationships with presentations by experts on the underlying psychology of the human experience and improving relationship and communication skills.

They also offer a GrassRoots Ambassador Certification empowering passionate Vegan & Plant-Based consumers and professionals with communication and relationship techniques so they can confidently step into any opportunity to inspire hopeful curiosity.

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