6 Million Seeds News!

Hello All,

It has been about nine months since we first conceived the 6 Million Seeds project. Since then, so much has happened! SO much traction gained, so many supporters aligned, and so much support obtained!

We think we should update you all on our progress with all that has already transpired.

As of today,

  • We are teaching at two summer camps where we will be sharing the WFPB nutrition message with children. One is a school-based program, and the other is in conjunction with the Boys and Girls Club of Lake County. Both serve lower-income Black and brown children.
  • We built out our podcast studio and now have a real home for the podcast work.
  • We have published ten episodes of the 6 Million Seeds podcast. Our audience is growing!
  • We have 12 supporters aligned with the Decade of Child Nutrition, including the T. Colin Campbell Center for Nutrition Studies, PlantPure Communities, National Health Association, Dr. Michael Klaper, Ruckus Health, The Esselstyn Foundation, Food Studies Institute, and many more.
  • We held one event on June 8 featuring Dr. Elizabeth Winings, Dr. Antonia Demas, and Ms. Ariel Demas on the connection between child nutrition and behavioral health.
  • We have another event planned in September with Jane and Ann Esselstyn on healthy food for kids’ meals.
  • Our kick-off event for the Decade of Child Nutrition and the coalition work to support it is scheduled for December 3-6. Mark your calendars. We will send updates as things develop!
  • We have attended two conferences (PlantStrong and National Health Association), where we shared the 6 Million Seeds mission with attendees. That has helped expand our network, find more collaborators, and get the message to more people.
  • An anonymous donor has found us! Along with a few other generous folks, this person helps financially support our work in the community!
  • We joined 50by10, another plant-based collaborative workgroup, which helps us with networking and moving our projects forward.
  • We wrote modules for the Healthy Childhood Nutrition course are now available on the PlantPure Communities area of the Teachables platform. Find them here. Just log in and start the course for free!
  • We have delivered a dozen classes to senior citizens and children of color so far this year. All sessions highlight the importance of nutrient-dense, plant-rich ways of eating for children.
  • I am now a licensed diabetic community health educator. This license will allow us to teach classes in the community and continue to dispel the myths around diet and diabetes while helping participants move away from animal-centric diets.

Those are the major highlights that I can share. We have more in the works, but I can’t tell you about all of it yet! I will soon, though. In the meantime, I want to thank you. The confidence you place in us, the kind words, and all forms of support you have offered make a world of difference every day! It is so powerful to know we are speaking to people who see value in our work! It keeps us inspired and motivated!

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