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We hope you’ll visit our blog often for information on a wide range of health and nutritional topics, and to learn more about the Whole Food Plant-Based without the use of added oil lifestyle. Over the years we’ve discovered that many of the “truths” we grew up with have virtually no basis in fact. As a result, we are all in the process of “unwinding” our perceptions about food and building a brand new fact-based understanding that can heal so much of what needs healing: our own bodies, the earth we wish to leave our children, and all the sentient creatures with whom we share our planet.

Join us on this beautiful journey. And we invite you to engage with us as we move forward toward a more sustainable and compassionate future!

Protecting Your Brain from Dimentia

There is a “tsunami” of dementia that is appearing to worsen in the Western world. Alzheimer’s disease is the fastest growing epidemic in the Western world. In the United States, it is the leading cause of morbidity and it is currently listed as the fourth leading cause of mortality.
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Paying Attention to Your Body’s Signals

The human body is a marvelous creation. It tells us how it is doing every day. It speaks when it’s doing great, just like it speaks and when things aren’t so wonderful. Many of us ignore the messages our bodies send.
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Salient Lifestyle Center

The opening ceremony for the Salient Lifestyle Center, the first of its kind in Illinois, will occur on Thursday, April 22, 2021, at 6:30 PM, at 1141 Bode Road, Elgin, IL (left wing of the Adventist Church).
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Forgotten Whole Grains

One of the great benefits of being WFPB is the VARIETY of foods we eat!  Literally we can eat something different every day of the year. But like many others, we can fall into a rut, eating the same things over and over again on a regular basis. 
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Just Do The Thing

I have been reading a lot of posts on social media these days. It is one way I keep on top of the struggles people have all over the country. I frequently see this issue: The person writing the post has been eating healthy and maybe working out. They usually...
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Time for Tea

While we are all trying in earnest to maintain or restore our health by eating a whole-food-plant based diet, a wonderful beverage, tea, is often forgotten.  With over 3,000 varieties and over 2,000 bioactive compounds, this simple beverage has much to offer
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Friends in High Places?

"During her presidential run, Harris revealed her stance on encouraging Americans to reduce their consumption of meat. At a CNN town hall in 2019, Harris responded to a question about whether she would support a change in the dietary guidelines to reduce the consumption of red meat."
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Eating Leafy Green Veggies

As a lifestyle medicine clinician, patients often ask me what is the ONE change they can make to improve their diet. While I always want them to eat a variety of fruits and vegetables, if there is one thing they can do, it would be to add more leafy greens...
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Dr. Kim Williams Presents Covid-19 Mortality and Nutrition

To call his presentation profoundly informative would be an understatement. Dr. Williams began with a plea to each of us to take the information he shares directly to our own healthcare providers. As he points out, “the leading cause of death among physicians, including cardiologists, is heart disease.” Even though...
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