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We hope you’ll visit our blog often for information on a wide range of health and nutritional topics, and to learn more about the Whole Food Plant-Based without the use of added oil lifestyle. Over the years we’ve discovered that many of the “truths” we grew up with have virtually no basis in fact. As a result, we are all in the process of “unwinding” our perceptions about food and building a brand new fact-based understanding that can heal so much of what needs healing: our own bodies, the earth we wish to leave our children, and all the sentient creatures with whom we share our planet.

Join us on this beautiful journey. And we invite you to engage with us as we move forward toward a more sustainable and compassionate future!

The Mighty Chia Seed

CH-CH-CH-CHIA! You may remember this TV commercial from the 1980’s advertising Chia Pets. They were small clay shaped animals covered with “hair” which was really green sprouted chia seeds. The same chia seeds on these clay animals are the very seeds we eat today to boost our health.
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Gorgeously Green with Amy Tasetano

Today, we invited Amy Tasetano to talk about her ‘gorgeously green lifestyle’. Amy has a Bachelor of Business Administration in industrial and organizational psychology. She has also completed the plant-based nutrition certificate through the T. Colin Campbell Center for Nutrition Studies in addition to becoming a nutritarian health coach and...
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So You Say You Want a School Food Revolution?!

It's that time again! The kids go back to school, which means back to navigating school food. For diet-aware parents, the food can be the most challenging part of the September to June sprint. We look at the school breakfast and lunch menus and dream of a total makeover. If we...
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Food Activism – Your Voice Matters

Feedback has launched a legal challenge (with solicitors at Leigh Day) against the UK Government for its Food Strategy published in June 2022, which fails to take into account environmental advice from the Government’s own Climate Change Committee and adviser Henry Dimbleby.
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Fighting Food Insecurity with Laurie Burhoe

Today, we invited Laurie Burhoe to discuss her work in food education and sustainable gardening. Laurie has lived in Maine for 45 years. She is an artist specializing in wildlife and landscapes. She was a public school teacher and is a master gardener and master naturalist in the state of...
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Say YES to Zucchini

Well, it happened. I had just finished my exercise class when the instructor asked, “Who wants some zucchini?” Ahh - zucchini, you either love it or hate it. And for those who grow it, they have more than what they know what to do with.
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Food As Medicine with Dr. Thomas Campbell II

This week, we invited Dr. Thomas M. Campbell II to discuss his work with nutrition and food as medicine. Dr. Campbell is a physician, best-selling co-author of The China Study, researcher, and educator. He is an assistant professor of family medicine at the University of Rochester
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It’s that time of the season…

It is August 2022- ALREADY! And with that, many of us start thinking about the change of seasons and the kids returning to school. Even though there are no children in my house now, I've spent my entire life dancing to that rhythm, and I am not expecting the pattern to...
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Plant Based Family Health with Dr Tara Cannon

This week, we invited Dr. Tara Cannon to discuss her plant-based experiences in medicine and with her family. Dr. Tara Cannon is a doctorally prepared nurse with a passion for education and health. She has been plant-based since 2017, simply wanting to have a healthier pregnancy.
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