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Celebrating World Vegan Month

Celebrating World Vegan Month In the United States, November 2020 is a dynamic month with much of our attention on health, politics, and, of course, Thanksgiving. It’s also World Vegan Month. Each November plant-based eaters from across the globe celebrate a cruelty-free lifestyle. My life transformed when I went vegan. I am grateful to have embraced self-empowered wellness where [...]

Plant-Based Transition-Gradual or All at Once

Ask the Pros Q&A Q:Is it better to make the transition to a whole food plant-based diet gradually or all at once? A: One of the most powerful steps anyone can take to improve health, boost energy levels, and prevent chronic disease is to transition to a whole food plant-based (WFPB) diet. The evidence consistently shows that [...]

Book Review – How Not to Diet

Book Review - How Not to Diet As someone who most of her life always wanted to shake “those last 10 pounds’.” I’m pretty familiar with diet books. The promises! The glitzy “NEW” approaches! Those amazing anecdotes!” You know the pitches… So now that I’m smarter, more skeptical, and have lost those pounds after learning the value [...]

The High Value of In-Season Produce

Food for Thought The High Value of In-Season Produce Eating seasonal fruits and vegetables is a healthier choice. You can eat in-season by selecting food that is growing and being harvested locally at the same time you’re shopping. Eating in-season foods is a wise decision that helps you strengthen your health and save money. Consider these facts [...]

Is Vegan Food More Expensive

Ask the Pros Q&A Q: Is vegan food more expensive? Contrary to popular belief, eating a whole food plant-based diet is not expensive. The myth that eating a plant-based diet is expensive derives from the fact that consuming processed versions of vegan foods, such as vegan brats, vegan burgers, and vegan can be very expensive.  However, eating [...]

Positives from the Pandemic

Food for Thought Positives from the Pandemic The COVID 19 pandemic has been hard on so many of us. Frightening health outcomes, isolation, lockdowns, and measurable politico-socio-economic chaos make the headlines everywhere.  Here is one feel good story that is a direct result of the pandemic. Let me introduce Miss Elizabeth Costello. We call her Aunt Betsy. [...]

Garden Grill

Garden Grill I’ve never had much of a green thumb. More like a brown one. Although it’s my mission to inspire others to eat more plants, I’m much more comfortable in the kitchen than the garden. This year a friend planted a small garden for my husband and me. Perhaps now I’ll grow a green thumb.  We’ve been able [...]

Announcing PBNM Virtual Support Group

Announcing PBNM Virtual Support Group Sherry Shrallow and Michelle Thall are teaming up to offer a weekly virtual support group through ZOOM for anyone who thinks he or she might benefit from talking with others on a regular basis on various topics as we navigate our way through these very different and challenging times.  We know that social connection [...]

CNS Certification of Cooking Coaches

CNS Certification of Cooking Coaches Here at PBNM we are passionate about spreading the word about the health benefits of a whole food plant-based lifestyle. One way we have done so is through our hands-on cooking classes. As a result of the Covid-19 virus we have had to temporarily suspend in person programs and have transitioned to social media [...]

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