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Whatever culture or environment each of us has grown up in, it was developed over generations, if not longer, of notions and traditions that were based on what was known at the time. But over the years, we’ve learned so much about the impact of the fuel we put in our bodies every day…for good or for, sadly, much too much ill. It would never occur to us, when we realized our car was nearly out of fuel, to just fill the tank with kerosene. Why? Because we know it’s the wrong fuel for our car. Why, then, do we so readily fill our bodies with substances that are not what we evolved to eat? Our grocery store aisles are filled with cartons, bottles, bags, and boxes whose ingredients are barely readable, most having been created in a laboratory…certainly not nature.

And we’re learning as well of the harmful impacts our reliance on animal agriculture is having on, not just those poor animals, but on this beautiful planet we call home, and our bodies as well. We may have evolved to be able to “tolerate” eating almost anything to survive. But to tolerate something is surely a far cry from being able to thrive on something. It’s time we focused less on “lifespan” and more on “healthspan”. The miracle of modern medicine is that it can modify our body’s symptoms to give us the illusion that we’re “okay”, but for all the pills and procedures and chemicals they may throw at us, so far the “magic pill” that actually heals what ails us is still elusive. Maybe it’s time, in most cases, we swap the pharmacy for the FARMacy! Our best medicine yet is the health promoting food that fills the produce section of our grocery store and farmers markets across the country. Even better, food that fills our own gardens!

Changing life long patterns can sound intimidating. Pretty much everyone we meet who’s adopted a whole food plant-focused dietary pattern had at one time said “I could never do that” until, as it turns out, they did! It always begins with a single decision, then another, and another, and another. And what generally happens is that one day they discover “my joints don’t hurt anymore” or “I’m not breathless going up the stairs anymore” or “I’m not waking up in the middle of the night with indigestion anymore”, or any of a long list of ills that simply stopped plaguing them. We all certainly have our own long lists. But here’s the good news. YOU’RE NOT ALONE! We’re here to help you discover your “people”. You know, the very ones with whom you can relax, enjoy great food, tell jokes, and share your challenges and triumphs!

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