Introducing our Partners

No project, no matter how inspired or how greatly needed, can take root and flourish without the support of others. We are beyond grateful for the encouragement and support of our partners. We hope you will visit their websites and support their services. 

Dr. T. Colin Campbell Dr. LeAnne Campbell

Center for Nutrition Studies

“6 Million SEEDS deeply understands that the people, the planet, and the plants we eat – all working together in an interconnected system – will not only transform health as we know it, but will also help heal our ecosystems. Their programs, especially with children, are an investment in the future and will start paying off right now.”

Evelisse Capó

PharmD, DipACLM, President

“The Food Pharmacy is so grateful for all the work that 6 Million SEEDS is doing to transform the health and wellbeing of our children!  Today, more than ever, we need to overcome the struggle that kids face growing up in an environment that normalizes junk foods and provides fewer opportunities for physical activity.  As children are bombarded with advertisements for unhealthy foods and drinks, innovative programs such as the Decade of Child Nutrition, are key to help connect the dots about the nourishing and healing power of whole plant-based foods.”

Dr. Brian Asbill

Co-founder Ruckus Health

“Ruckus Health fully supports the 6 Million SEEDS project!  The science clearly supports that for optimal personal and planetary health, we must obtain the vast majority of our calories from plant-based sources.  And increasing data supports that children who eat this diet thrive in our classrooms!  Our children are indeed our future.  Let’s all work together to ensure that they are presented with the food and educational opportunities that ideally prepare them to be the healthy and wise leaders that our communities, countries, and planet deserve.”


Ana Negrón

“Children, hear this. We have been told that to help the economy, we should consume. I want us to transition out of the consumer role. This unchecked consuming—like a fire—is leaving in our wake a world destroyed. Every one of our actions forges the world in which we will have to live. When all together we transition to conscious creators, we add to the regenerative powers of Mother Earth. The result is a world in which humans and non-humans can continue to live and thrive.”

Tara Cannon, LLC.

Doctoral Trained Nurse

“I am so thankful for what 6 Million SEEDS is doing concerning kids’ health. They are tackling the underlying issue concerning children’s health: nutrition. There is so much chaos in the media concerning children’s health and obesity and the solution is so simple, give them real food to eat! Thank you 6 Million SEEDS!”

Mark Cerkvenik

“6 Million SEEDS is a key player in our collective future! Given the epidemic of chronic diseases in our society, we must be very focused in our work to improve our nation’s health through whole food plant-based eating. What a great place to start, with children and their parents!  Long-term prosperity is not found in the standard American diet of large quantities of meat and fast food, but in plants and knowledge of how a whole-food plant-based diet can prevent chronic health issues. Kids love veggies, beans, grains and fruit if given the opportunity to experience them in new and unique dishes!”

Beth Love

Eat For the Earth

“Thank you for inviting Eat for the Earth into collaboration on your child nutrition project. I appreciate your advocacy for a more compassionate, healthy, and sustainable human presence on Earth!!”

Nancy Arenas

Sprouting Compassion
President/Executive Director

“Sprouting Compassion supports the 6 Million SEEDS project. It falls in line with our mission of educating the public on the benefits of a vegan diet. 6 Million SEEDS goes to the core and will inspire and educate those in charge of our youth.  Not only is it very important for the students’ health but ultimately, this program benefits the children, the animals, and the planet as well.”

Esselstyn Family Foundation

Eloísa Trinidad
Vegan Activist Alliance

Eloísa Trinidad
Chilis On Wheels

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