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With 6 Million SEEDS, we are on a mission to change the nutritional landscape for all our children! They are the future, and given what we now know are the primary causes of chronic illnesses, even among children, we cannot afford to let another day go by without making serious changes to what we have been feeding them. We know we have headwinds to fight, but our numbers and support are growing. We are all well-positioned to fight this battle armed with the facts about the healing power of whole plants eaten as close to nature as possible! And we’re in it to win…for all our kids!

Join us on this important journey. And we invite you to engage with us as we take the challenge of empowering our KIDS to fuel their own best lives!!!

Plant-Based Health With Dr. Ashwani Garg

We invited Dr. Ashwani Garg to talk about his experiences with plant-based diets for his family, his patients, and himself. Dr. Garg is a Family Physician at Advocate Health and Clinical Associate Professor at North Central College. Inspired by works such as Forks Over Knives, he has adopted a plant-based diet and works with his patients to make healthy lifestyle changes.

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Moms’ Stories of Raising Vegan Kids

An article in PBNM’s March newsletter (Food Without Fighting: Kids Do Eat Vegetables!) shared tips on how to encourage children to eat more vegetables.  This month I interviewed two moms whose children are being raised vegan.  They share what being vegan is like for their family and how they navigate the vegan lifestyle with their children.

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Fighting the Climate Crisis

This week, we invited Laughlin Artz to discuss how individuals can impact the climate crisis. Artz is the Executive Director of 2030 or Bust, championing its mission to empower humanity to end the climate crisis. Laughlin has distinguished himself as a global radical change agent, putting the power to resolve humanity’s most urgent issue in the hands of ordinary people.

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6 Million Seeds!

What if you had 6 million seeds that could save the world? What if the seeds held mind-blowing genius yet they were ignored? In this case, the seeds are students educated in the environment, diet, and sustainability. The time has come to disrupt how we reach and teach the next generation. It’s time to grow our 6 million seeds. Each week hosts Meryl Fury M.S., R.N., and Carrie Bruno, PharmD and Dip for ACLM are bringing the latest and greatest from the world of environmentalism and sustainability. They’re breaking down misconceptions and providing resources to grow and nourish the next generation of minds.

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Changing Your Approach to Eating

Last month, we invited Alia Sweis to talk about her journey towards a healthier, plant-based diet. Like many Americans, Alia has struggled with nutrition in the past. Over the course of the season, we’ll be working with her through her dietary journey. Come along with us as we explore the successes and challenges of the path to plant-based!

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