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With 6 Million SEEDS, we are on a mission to change the nutritional landscape for all our children! They are the future, and given what we now know are the primary causes of chronic illnesses, even among children, we cannot afford to let another day go by without making serious changes to what we have been feeding them. We know we have headwinds to fight, but our numbers and support are growing. We are all well-positioned to fight this battle armed with the facts about the healing power of whole plants eaten as close to nature as possible! And we’re in it to win…for all our kids!

Join us on this important journey. And we invite you to engage with us as we take the challenge of empowering our KIDS to fuel their own best lives!!!

Breast Cancer Awareness

This week, we invited Tiah Tomlin-Harris, an overcomer of Triple Negative Breast Can’t-cer, as she calls it, to discuss breast cancer awareness. Tiah has dedicated herself to being a community change agent and advocate, with a focus on health disparities, black women’s health and healthy lifestyle education. As a result of her advocacy work, she has received recognition and awards, to include President Bush’s – Point of Lights Award.

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Kids in the Kitchen – Why I’m Vegan

Anuragini Barman has been vegan since before conception. She lives in North Carolina and is one of the Kids in the Kitchen who put on a whole food, vegan, plant-based cooking show every other month (somanycooks.com/kids) demonstrating their love and knowledge of cooking and nutrition. She loves animals, the outdoors, reading, writing, math, and homeschool.

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Why Should We Focus on Children’s Nutrition

There are 73 million children in the US[1]. Because they have little to no authority, autonomy, or agency, they are our most vulnerable population. This is true regardless of their socioeconomic status, race, ethnicity, zip code, language, and country of origin. Children are always at the mercy of the people and environment around them.

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Plant Based Pharmacology

Plant-Based Pharmacology with Evelisse Capó This week, we invited Evelisse Capó to discuss her work in pharmaceuticals and how the plant-based lifestyle changed her understanding of the field. Evelisse Capó

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Plant-Based Public Health

This week, we invited Karen Smith to discuss plant-based nutrition in the clinical setting. Karen, RD, CDCES has over 16 years of experience as a registered dietitian in various settings including public health, community nutrition programming, and clinical practice. She enjoys empowering others to achieve their goals and realize their capabilities and potential.

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Food Accessibility

Victor Bradley Jr. and Mark Cervenik came to the realization of disparity in nutrition understanding and food access from totally different directions, but, like spokes to a hub, they reached many of the same conclusions.

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