Welcome to the 6 Million Seeds Blog!

With 6 Million SEEDS, we are on a mission to change the nutritional landscape for all our children! They are the future, and given what we now know are the primary causes of chronic illnesses, even among children, we cannot afford to let another day go by without making serious changes to what we have been feeding them. We know we have headwinds to fight, but our numbers and support are growing. We are all well-positioned to fight this battle armed with the facts about the healing power of whole plants eaten as close to nature as possible! And we’re in it to win…for all our kids!

Join us on this important journey. And we invite you to engage with us as we take the challenge of empowering our KIDS to fuel their own best lives!!!

Going All In 100%

Last week, we were joined by Wanda to discuss going in 100% with your health. Wanda Huberman was born in Virginia and spent much time on her grandparents’ tobacco farm.

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Healthy Kids, Food, and Family, Especially During the Holidays

No matter the species, fit and growing youngsters are hungry a lot of the time. According to the Centers for Disease Control and National Center for Health Statistics, the average healthy male infant is expected to double his weight by three months of age. If he follows typical growth charts, then by 15 months, he will have doubled his weight again. In addition to that, his weight is expected to double between the ages of 3 and 9 years and continue to increase by about 5 lbs per year until age 20. [1,2]

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Plant-Based Across Generations

This week, we invited PBNM Board Member Karen Bender to discuss her experiences sharing her plant-based diet with her family. Karen’s interest in nutrition, food, and health began early in her career as an early childhood educator/director and continued later as a speech-language pathologist for special needs children.

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SOS Free Cooking with Janet Pearson

Last week, we were joined by Janet Pearson to discuss her plant-based journey. Janet was a Founding Board Member to Plant Based Nutrition Movement with the goal of bringing her experience to the southwest suburbs of Chicago where she resides and raised a family.

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Fighting Food Insecurity

Fighting Food Insecurity with Eloisa Trinidad Today, we invited Eloísa Trinidad to discuss her work fighting food insecurity. Eloísa is an award-winning policy advocate, liberation activist, educator, and artist. Her

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6 Million Seeds Year (so far) in Review

We started the 6 Million Seeds Project a year ago. We have grown from a tiny seed to a bit of sprout now. We are starting to get noticed as we take root. The project has been completely exhilarating. So, I want to give you, our community, a recap of our progress over the year! We have good news to share!

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