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With 6 Million SEEDS, we are on a mission to change the nutritional landscape for all our children! They are the future, and given what we now know are the primary causes of chronic illnesses, even among children, we cannot afford to let another day go by without making serious changes to what we have been feeding them. We know we have headwinds to fight, but our numbers and support are growing. We are all well-positioned to fight this battle armed with the facts about the healing power of whole plants eaten as close to nature as possible! And we’re in it to win…for all our kids!

Join us on this important journey. And we invite you to engage with us as we take the challenge of empowering our KIDS to fuel their own best lives!!!

Coming to a School Near You

Plant-Based Lunches In Illinois schools. The law goes into effect next month. It states that starting this school year, Illinois children (or their parents, or caregivers) can request plant based lunches at schools in Illinois, and by law, it must be provided to the student. We encourage you to take advantage of this option. Please contact your school food service director to find out more

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Breathe Easy

How Nutrition can help reduce Asthma and allergy Symptoms Now that Spring is well underway, we’re all enjoying more sunshine, warmer temperatures, and longer days. Unfortunately, another characteristic of this

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Allergies and Diet

Dr. Hollie is the speaker for “Dinner with the Doctor” (DWTD), an instructional program developed to educate people about how to implement a whole food, plant-based (WFPB) approach for treating, preventing, and reversing disease. DWTD (dinnerwiththedoctor.com) offers programs consisting of a health presentation along with a tasty, no-oil, WFPB meal served to the attendees

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